Monday, January 23, 2006

The People's Car

Love Bug
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

Somewhere in my neigbourhood it's still 1972.


Michael said...

Ever since I read this post I've been singing "The People's Drug" in my head. You know John Wesley Harding? Is it OK if my comments aren't particularly apropos?

The Other Andrew said...

Sweetpea you can say anything you darn well like here, apropos or not. I'm inclusive. :-)

I don't know the song, or the artist. Fill me in (ooh err).

Michael said...

His name is John Wesley Harding and the song is "The People's Drug". Up to speed?

I don't know about his recent stuff, but I enjoyed his album "The Name Above The Title". He did a nice cover of 'Crystal Blue Persuasion'. My errr girlfriend at the time gave me the CD.

The Other Andrew said...

BREEDER! [points finger of shame]

:-) Of course I jest. Thanks for the err, informative run down on the song and artist.

Let's try this again, and start with genre:
Eurotrash disco?
Christian 'Happy Clappy' Music?