Friday, January 13, 2006


I hate to post another post about being sick, because let's face it if you wanted to hear someone complain about their health you'd spend more time with that great aunt with the bad veins, right?

I'm on the mend a little, medications are doing their business (Although almost disconcertingly well, I mean, it's like someone jammed the brakes on hard. I hope I don't forget how to... you know...). Having said that I did completely the wrong thing last night and went into the Buddhist centre after a full day of work and priced and packed books ready for the event we are running this weekend, not getting home until about 10pm. By which time I was feeling very under the weather, tired and a bit shaky. I was up and down all night unable to sleep, watching tv, trying to sleep again, sitting at the computer for a while, and finally dropped off to sleep about 2 hours before I had to get up for work. Fun.

Tonight I have to have a mad race around to get the house ready for Bodhi to move in tomorrow (yay!) and tomorrow I have to be at the venue for set up of the event we are running at something like 7.30am. That's in the morning. On a Saturday. Soooo, caffeine and vitamin B will be my major mode for today and tomorrow I think.

Was it Bilbo who complained of feeling a bit stretched, like butter spread over too much bread? Maybe it's a hobbit thing, but I second that sentiment.

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