Tuesday, January 24, 2006

5 Things I've Developed A New Appreciation For This Week

  • The tv show Supernatural, if I'm going to be scared I absolutely want two hot boys to be doing the scaring.
  • The concept of "Jazz Hands & Spirit Fingers Tuesday".
  • Summertime; flowers, lazy cafe mornings and ceiling fans on hot Summer nights.
  • My own limitations and expectations.
  • Privacy.


Michael said...

Hmmm...privacy, eh? Don't tell me someone is all up in your grill already!?
How are you two boys making out?

The Other Andrew said...

We're not making out! Ewww.*

:-) Oh, fine fine. It was as more general comment than that. I've been living on my own for a while, so of course it takes a bit of adjustment. It's good.

*Bodes, of course I jest - you're teh hotness. I'm building a shrine to you.

Cozalcoatl said...

Jensen Ackles- one of those hot boys was in a show called Dark Angel. Its pretty good.(we have 2 episodes left to watch) He is a transgenic, highly honed and cloned fighting machine.
It is mostly Jessica Alba in tight clothes kicking arse, not that you would care ;P

The Other Andrew said...

Coz, I watched Dark Angel when it was on tv. OK. Not brilliant, but OK. It was all about Michael Whatsisname (Whatley?) for me though, the 'eyes' guy. In real life he was married to Alba for around 5 minutes. Dude's in NCIS these days.

I don't remember Ackles from Dark Angel, but then I only watched it on and off. He's teh hotness in Supernatural. The show's kind of like Buffy meets X-Files, but with pretty boys. Something for everyone.