Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Complaints Department

You know what? In my office I've become the go-to-guy for anyone that wants to have a whinge. Seriously. Not just about work related stuff either. Or about stuff that is either my responsibility, or within my powers to fix.

Here's a small sampling from this afternoon:
  • That bookshelf over there is leaning.
  • My boyfriend's son left to go back to Melbourne (after his mad mother drove all the way over to collect him, without telling anyone she was coming) and he didn't even say goodbye, despite everything that we've done for him.
  • I can't download the pics off my digital camera. Software, what software?

Now, the people I work with are all rather sweet. Some I get along with better than others of course, but there's not really any bad eggs. I know I'm a good listener. I make the appropriate noises, try and give helpfull suggestions, and I am genuinely interested in people.

Having said that, jeezalou folks lighten up just a little! I am not Dear Abby or The Help Desk.


Mark said...

Hi Andrew :) It's easy to be a good listener, but sometimes it's also quite painful, isn't it?

The Other Andrew said...

True. By the end of the day I was thinking "Gah. Somebody please get in here and tell me a joke, 'cause I need some light with the shade people!" They were all a bit dour today, poor loves.

Michael said...

Just think of those folks who chose a profession where it's their job to listen to 30 or so people each day whining about their problems.

Looks like you're the office mensch, my dear. Good on ya, and my sympathies.