Friday, January 27, 2006

One Sad Puppy

I cannot look at this picture and not crack up. I mean, who knew ugly could be so funny?


Michael said...

So where the hell is Bodhi? I'm hoping he's 'bound and ball-gagged in the spare room'. Hoping only because my other two thoughts were 'in the freezer' and 'in the crawlspace'.

Bodhi said...

Awwww, did vous miss moi sweetness?

** Smooch **

I have been on holidays since moving in with Andrew almost two weeks ago now. I go back to work tommorow (Monday), so I will be sure to start commenting again. Cause thats what work is for, m'kay, when moi is on holidays moi simply does not get enough time ...

But I have been having plenty of bodhacious fun. Checking out all the cute locals, hanging out with my fellow Buddhist Centre members of Mr and Mrs Steven who now live in the same street as me (the sweetest 30-something gay couple, both named Steven. Mrs Steven was somewhat of my Fairy Godfather* in my earlier coming out process), going to movies and cafe's, and hanging out with Rabbit and my twink-magnet daughter Ashley. She was in fine form when we went to see Brokeback Mountain: its turns a little gay twinkie two rows ahead of was an old best friend of hers from an old Primary School (5 years ago), there with his boyfriend. I kid you not. They exchanged numbers and re-acquainted. It was so cute.

After going all Queer Eye on my new bedroom at TOA's, I must say that its looking pretty fab. My beds Queen size (shut-up Andrew), unlike the Hobbit sized bed of my housemate. So just so you know there's plenty of room there if needed, m'kay. So when you come down under (giggle, that always sounds soooo rude), you only need to decide between the left hand side or right hand side? I'm flexible. And you can read that any way you like ;-)

Anyhoo, later sweetness. Places to go, locals to do ... you know how it 'tis.

[*Does that term not just conjur an imagine of a hot 20-something Italian twinkie in a pin-striped Armani Suit .... or is that just moi ? ...]

Sunshine said...

It's kind of endearing. :)

duane said...

What does that picture remind me of Tori Spelling?