Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Newtown Vignette

Newtown Vignette
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

One of my neighours being out and proud, and showing their affiliations.

Rainbow Flag. Soft toys. "Bush Lies" sticker on the window (partly obscured). Could I love my suburb any more?


Kiss My Mike said...

seems like you're at a friendly neighborhood...

Michael Guy said...

Okay. Can you post something else? I can't come up with a comment on this current post.

"Nice neighborhood" seems sorta lackluster. Yep.

On the other hand...maybe the person that resides within is not gay at all. Perhaps a wheelchair-bound rainbow-lovin' child awaits the Make-A-Wish Foundation's phone call for a trip to Disney..wherein new plushie toys can be purchased!

I told you I got nothing.

The Other Andrew said...

The two Mikes, yes it is a very friendly neighbourhood, or at least that's my experience of it. I often refer to it as my Big Gay Neighbourhood for obvious reasons, Newtown is the second largest gay community in Sydney and although it is a very mixed neighbourhood these days it remains very 'mo friendly.

Michael Guy, I'll look for rainbow coloured unicorns and My Little Ponies next time to see if your theory holds true. Although, the "Bush Lies" sticker would seem to indicate it's more of a right-on sister/brother who lives there.