Thursday, January 05, 2006

Global PMS? Post Holiday Syndrome?

I've noticed a whiff of something in the blogosphere at the moment. Something that has a slight smell of "Is that all there is?", a hint of post-Holidays let-down and a subtle reek of depression. A bunch of my favourite bloggers seem to have caught the bug. I haven't fallen prey to this myself, but I have been a bit flat and tired the past couple of days. Sleeping badly because of the heat here and crazy busy at work. Low on energy and struggling to find the bon mots in my existence this week.

It's a weird time, this Christmakkuh and New Year. Don't you think? I either read, or made up, a statistic that it's the worst time of year for depression and suicides, break-ups, family disputes, outbreaks of lycanthropy. Did you know that 63% of all statistics are made up? Non?

So much frenzy, so little pay-off for the effort sometimes, and the whole "where is my life heading" aspect of New Year's and those dreaded resolution things. Too much food, too much alcohol, too little sleep and maybe too much spending.

If this is where you are at, well you have good company. Cheer-up Buckaroos. Nothing is permanent, this too will pass. Tomorrow you'll feel like throwing on your dancing pants and if not tripping the light fantastic, then at least tripping over it.

The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar.


Sunshine said...

Hey - I haven't stopped at all! :) Well, how could I, with all this drama in my life at the moment *sigh*. Oh - happy new year, Andrew. *hugz* :)

Michael Guy said...

I am NOT depressed! I just need a good shag. Then a Mai Tai. Or two.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

you quoted Annie - oh my! somewhere lurking in my subconscious is the whole damned soundtrack. hated the movie, loved the stage musical with Hayes Gordon and Nancy Hayes... sigh. how cheesy.

duane said...

I am just trying to shake myself up, and put myself out there. I feel like I have let myself down, and I am trying really hard not to let that happen anymore. I feel like I have been coasting on autopilot for the past 3 years, and I want to change that. My resolution this year is simply no excuses, no regrets. I am going to change my life by August 06, or die trying. Okay, not die, but you get me.

Here's hoping 2006 is everything I need it to be! No depression here!

The Other Andrew said...

Sunshine, I got your email with your new blog address. OK if I update my links, I'm sure your friends don't read this site?

Miss Guy, I'm still reeling from the MULLET of a few days back, I don't drink but I think I need a Mai Tai!

Speedy, Annie stole that from me, although originally it was "bet your dollar bottom". She 'cleaned it up' a bit. Tight ass.

Duane, sounds intriguing. I know that autopilot feeling, I've been down that road myself. Why August 6 btw, is that your birthday or something?

Sunshine said...

Yeah - update the link - they would find me if they look hard enough anyway. :)

Temporary said...
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