Thursday, January 05, 2006

40 Lashes

Sorry for the lack of an entry yesterday, I was furiously busy at work and barely got enough time to have lunch, let alone fit in the endless hours of net surfin' and bloggin' I like to fit into my day. Rude! This week was supposed to be quiet here in the office. False advertising, plain and simple.

You can tell that a lot of businesses are still closed, or a lot of staff are still on holidays, because the city is relatively quiet at the moment. (Oh, except for the food part of Woolworths in the city, that was a scene of human crush and torment the likes of which Dante would pale at. Lots of hot European backpackers though, so some torments have their flipside.) I've been walking into work all this week, but the quieter city meant that public transport home was fairly empty last night. Bliss.

Not so empty though that I didn't get to sit opposite a woman who absolutley fascinated me. She was probably in her mid-fiftes, quite well turned out, dressed all in black (so possibly a staff member of one of the big department stores here), but what amazed me where her eyelashes. She had such a thick layer of clumpy mascara on that her eyelashes looked... well, flocked. It was like two caterpillars had settled across her eyelids. She had enormous thick spectacles on which only served to magnify their impact. Probably she finds it difficult to apply mascara because of the spectacles. Who knows? I would think though that she'd put the specs on afterwards and look at herself in the mirror and think Oh, for crying out loud...

Apparently not.


harry said...

[off topic. Sorrry. Drinks with moment-to-moment Kate in the pub tonight Andrew. Come along. Thank you].

The Other Andrew said...

...and that pub would be? ...and the meeting time would be?

Structure, I need structure, and plans, I need plans too. Or at least the minimum level of information.

Hey, but thanks for the invite!