Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tears Before Bedtime

After a really bad night of tossing and turning on Monday night, and only getting a few hours sleep, I woke Tuesday morning with a fever and a sore ear. Yup, I think I either picked up an ear infection from my friends' pool or it's another episode in my ongoing sinus/ear/throat scenario. A visit to the doc this morning and a scrip for antibiotics should do the trick.

Consequently, yesterday I ignored the interweb in favour of lying on the couch feeling small 'd' depressed, looking scruffy and unshaved, eating comfort food and getting teary at an episode of Everwood* (and just about anything else on tv actually). Yes, yesterday I was that person.

*In my defence, poor Marcia Cross's character has HIV, and there was shunning by the townspeople, and actually it looks like her brother's medical practice might have to close, and that nice Mr Treat Williams broke up with her because his kids (especially his kinda cute son) were scared... It was quite moving, actually. Oh, and "Everwood" (which I had never heard of before yesterday) was created by Greg Berlanti, who wrote and directed one of my favourite gay films "The Broken Hearts Club"!


Michael said...

I've never caught the Everwood, but of course I like the sound of it.....and the look of it, all laden with chiseled features apparently.

Wie gehts dir heute? ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

Gut, vielen dank. Nicht sehr gut, aber gut.

*Kusse* (damn, where are the umlauts on this thing?...)

The Other Andrew said...

BTW, about Everwood. a) Don't you just love the name? Ever. Wood. b) I'm old and pervy because two of the boys on the show are teh hotness, despite probably being young enough to be half my age *cough*chicken hawk*cough* c) Treat Williams is ageing quite well and d) Greg Berlanti is quite a good writer. I figure we're well behind the US, as Marcia Cross is in this still on the eps we're getting. It's nice to see her doing a warmer character than Bree too.

duane said...

How did I miss out on Everwood?! Damn me!

Treat Williams = hot bear daddy.

And you should check out Felicity. One of the best shows ever made, and perfect for those days! I used to watch after class, and my roommates would always come in to me watching; sometimes crying. It is such a great show!

The Other Andrew said...

"Felicity" = Scott Speedman = Wowza!

(Actually I always thought the other guy, Noel?, was pretty cute too.)

Have you ever seen the '70s camp classic film "The Ritz"? It's a comedy about a gangster that hides out in a gay men's bath house. Treat Williams stars as a young private eye that is also 'bait'. He's young, cute and spends most the film in just a towel. It's riot.

Oh, and yes he is a bit of a cute bear daddy now. Woof.