Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Puppers Playtime

On Sunday night, after yum cha with Mikey and his parental units, and a beverage fest at the Green Park Hotel, Steve and Bec invited Mikey and myself back to their place for dinner.

Of course this means more pics of Rex the baby Papillon (oh, and 'smokingly hot Steve' as he is now known).

Cuddle time with Rex and Steve.

Still tiny, but getting bigger every day. I think the ears grew first.

Licky Face!
Licky face! Rex and Mikey


Ur-spo said...

the last photo is marvelous; it made the day.

The Other Andrew said...

Good! I'm glad. :) It's my ex boyfriend - aka Mikey (the lovely ex). Rex had just given him a great big lick on the face.

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Notwithstanding that photo, I actually love dogs, including Rex. I suspect teh lick had also been accompanied by a puppy nip to the nostril.

Oh and TOA, for the record, I thought it was "scorchingly hot" not "smokingly hot"... Haha!

The Other Andrew said...

Mikey, I think your reaction time was a little 'delayed' too... :)

My comment stands:
[Yaniboy said]
Damn... Mikey ruined the fantasy... Steve's straight... *sulk*...

He's still smokingly hot though :)

Anonymous said...

Consumption of mass quantities with parental unit is always good if you maintain low tones. After all birth spasm had been endured ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh Rexy, you're so licky!

Anonymous said...

I'm never going to be allowed to live that down am I?

The Other Andrew said...

Yani, you're fine - it's Steve we're stirring! Let's face it, Steve IS hot. We were at a very gay friendly bar on Sunday, and even though he was largely oblivious to it, Steve was getting lots of looks. Mind you, tight white t and little running shorts... it's no wonder!