Monday, January 15, 2007

This Blog Entry Is Meant To Do Harm

Sometimes I get a bit obsessive about songs. Just ask my neighbours about how many times they endured end to end playings of "If We're In Love" by Roisin Murphy and they'd all nod the affirmative. I'll thrash a song I love until I start to tire of it.

Metaphor? Um, perhaps.

Anyhoo. My latest enthusiasm on high rotation is the rollocking pop tune "This Piece Of Poetry Is Meant To Do Harm" from the Shortbus movie soundtrack by Swedish glam-rockers The Ark. Think bastard child of The Darkness and The Scissor Sisters and you approximate the queer-friendly glam-rock influenced pop of The Ark. I like The Ark's second track on the Shortbus CD, the Swedish language "Kolla Kolla", but "This Piece Of Poetry Is Meant To Do Harm" is definately the stand out.
You’ve been talking sweet to me
About peace and loving harmony
But I know what you say about me
So now I tell you 'cause I gotta break free

That I can’t give you no false affection
I can do without your phony charm
This train ain’t movin in your direction
This piece of poetry is meant to do harm

Please don’t give me no warm reception
What you call peace to me’s a call to arms
Some are singing to raise affection
But this piece of poetry is meant to do harm

Given my love of other glam-rock influenced artists like The Scissor Sisters and Goldfrapp I guess it's no surprise that I like their sensibility. I haven't heard any other songs by them, but these two tracks have made me want to seek them out. Not shy of making statements in their songs, they've commented previously on homophobia, body fascism and adoption rights for gay couples. Pop with a point of view.

[Read the Popmatters interview for a bit more info about the band.]


Anonymous said...

Argh, I'm like that too. The last three months of last year I had a very unhealthy thing for the Pixies. Even typing their name now makes me queasy, and my nose now spontaneously starts to bleed whenever I hear Debaser.

Speaking of Scissor sisters/Goldfrapp/The Darkness. Have you ever heard of The Bravery?

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! Glad I'm not the only one. I have a "Repeat" button on my CD player which is very unhealthy I've decided.

No, I haven't heard of The Bravery before. Good?

I just discovered that The Ark are going to represent Sweden in Eurovision this year. They just went up even further in my estimation!

Max said...

"This Piece..." is one of those songs that always pops up in my head at random moments. Not for any thematic or contextual reasons, but because it's so damn hooky!

Have you heard "Dream On" by Christian Falk? I think the lead singer of The Ark does the barely-perceptible backing vocals (behind Robyn) on that one.

The Other Andrew said...

Max, I can always rely on you to have the skinny on all things poptastic! I'll check out that Christian Falk song, thanks for the heads up.