Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Question Deserves Asking:

R&B music video clip, or a 4 minute infomercial for mobile phones?

Seriously. I was up early this morning and turned on Rage on the ABC, right in the middle of a block of female R&B video clips. Each and every one of them had the most blatant product placement for mobile phones.

I know I'm busy singin' but I just gotta call my man/call my girl/snap a picture of my girl posse/snap a picture of my bitches. Look, see how this flips open just like this? Can you see that name, that's right N-O-K-I-A. Urgh, tacky.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for commerce, but I hate the blatant product placement even more in movies. Can't we at least be a little more subtle? I'm open to being manipulated subliminally! Otherwise, it totally takes you out of the moment.

Anonymous said...

PS? I'm also open to sublingual manipulation.

Stilgherrian said...

Nothing new here, Andrew. It’s been something like two years since Coca-Cola offered made a general announcement that they’d pay royalties for any song which mentioned Coke according to the level or radio airplay etc it received.

“Commercial” music means ”music made with the aim of making money”. Product placement adds to the profit, therefore it’s A Good Thing.

If anyone tells me their music is about “expressing yourself”, well, you expressed yourself when you wrote and then performed the music, so you’re done now, right?

No, you want to make a living from this? Well, that’s commercial then, isn't it!