Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Confessions Of A Red Carpet Junkie

I love an awards show. I understand that this could well be viewed by many as a character flaw, but it's time to be out and proud.

Yes it's about the dresses and the handsome guys in sharp suits. Oh, absolutley yes it's about the speech gaffs and the hysterically funny ones (I'm looking at you Hugh Laurie). It's not so much about the robotic red carpet interview-bots though. Trying to be that peppy/polished/wide-eyed/sassy makes me feel exhausted just watching them. Too unreal. Jeebus Mary, relax.

There were some gorgeous frocks on the red carpet this year, and more than enough disasters to keep the Fug Girls frantic for the next 24 hours. Usually the guys have it easy, go down the traditional tuxedo road and you might blend into the furniture a bit but at least you'll usually do it elegantly. Jeremy, what happened?

But best of all I like the triumphs. The people getting their first awards. The unexpected, and the genuinely moved. The people who stop running down the list of agents and producers to express some heartfelt emotion, or the people who have the confidence and natural wit to be genuinely funny and moving. Sure it's all flash and sparkle, but the big old softie in me loves it when you get someone like America Ferrara of "Ugly Betty" who not only genuinely appreciates the accolade but also has done work that she can feel proud of.

Bring on the Academy Awards! Now, what am I going to wear?...


Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

I think I may host an Oscars Party at the apartment this year. Watch this space. Cocktails and nice outfits are de rigeur. And I promise, no lethal strength Caiproska's this time. Unlike NYE.

As a sideline, I note your use of "Jeebus". Simpsons trivia; the Simpsons' writers have a long running competition over who can write the shortest Simpsons gag. The current winner is the gag referencing Homer's hypocritical and opportunistic approach to religion. Picture Homer in dire need of a religious miracle (is there any other kind, I think he was thrown out of a plane). Homer cries "Save me Jebus!" Well, I laughed.

The Other Andrew said...

Cool, I'd be up for it. Fire up the top shelf European electronics, there's an awards ceremony to be watched!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Jodie, and I'm also a red carpet junkie