Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend Recaplet

I can't believe it's Monday morning already. It's like I had a mini Rip Van Winkle episode and went to sleep Friday, then woke up Monday. I'm not saying I spent all weekend in a dissasociative 'fugue state' (anyway, that'd never stand up in court - I've tried it) but it did fly by, as if in a dream.

Next Friday night, and all day Saturday and Sunday, I'm volunteering at a weekend of teachings by Ven. Robina Courtin that the Buddhist centre I attend is hosting. So I spent all day Saturday unpacking and pricing books I had bought in for the bookshop I'll be running at the event. Afterwards I had dinner at a friend's house (think 'booty call') but was so worn out that I called it a fairly early night. It was a nice night, even though I was really tired and a bit sore from toting boxes of books all day, but a lovely dinner and a massage helped put much of that to rights.

Because of a screw-up with dates and times Mikey (the lovely ex) and I missed going to a farewell BBQ for my friends Coz and Rob (aka "anti-ob" over here) so yesterday we met up with them and a bunch of other reprobates friends for late morning Yum Cha and then coffee. Coz is a local girl but Rob is originally from the U.S., so after living here for many years they've decided to go and live near Rob's family in Arizona for an indefinate period of time. At least we'll be able to keep in touch through the miracle that is The Internets, but I'll miss them so. I expect lots of "they're nice and all, but a bit weird and they do things differently over here" style blogging in the future.

So that's pretty much the weekend. Rounded off by a bit of Sunday night tv, a bit of reading in bed and a not too bad night's sleep.


Anonymous said...

And, you found time for Sunday night TV! You young people nowadays...

Sounds like a busy weekend to me. We were quiet -- cleaning, sorting and throwing away. And watching our neighbor painting his house, badly, bright orange with greenish yellow trim. Not at all like anything else in our tan, cream, light brown, beige neighborhood. But not to worry. We won't think less of him. We couldn't.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for calling me young Ken! Much appreciated. :)

I'm not sure about the colour combo of that chap's house, but I like the sound of a bit of colour in an otherwise monochrome(ish) street. Go for it! But then again, I love colour.