Friday, January 19, 2007


I'm a bit hampered by not being able to listen to the audio interviews on this blog, but for the pictures alone I found the blog Sans Houses a very moving experience. Tasha French (aka frenchpress) is "...using photography and sound to attempt to capture a piece of those in and around the homeless community in Nashville."

The photos are stunning, and she obviously established enough of a relationship and trust with her subjects that they have allowed a real degree of openness with the camera. This sort of project could tip over into exploitation, something that always concerns me when I see photos of the homeless by other photographers. However, these people are largely made invisible by many of us, we might look away and try not to see (or be seen by) them. These photos were very humanising.

It's kind of sad that we might need to be reminded that homeless people have the same hopes, fears, needs and wants. To be happy, to be well, to be free from suffering.

More photos from the project are here.

[Link via things magazine.]

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