Monday, January 29, 2007

Australia Day Pics

As promised, here are some pics from the lovely afternoon spent on Friday at Michael's farewell lunch.

Tigger Zelda
Celia's beautiful old boy "Tigger" (left), and Jeff & Patrick's gorgeous girl "Zelda" (right)

Pink Tinted Frangipanis Pink Tinted Frangipanis
Pink tinted frangipanis in Celia's beautiful courtyard

Zelda & Jeff Zelda & Jeff
Jeff and Zelda, and a finger dipped in apple juice

Hooded Sculptural
Some more shots from the courtyard, lush plants and sculptural bits of industrial machinery blended in surprisingly well with the Mediterranean style.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics of what sounds like a lovely afternoon, darling.

Finger dipped in apple juice. Yes. Quite.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Michael. Fancy a lick?

(BTW - That's Jeff, he and his partner Patrick have been together for 25 years! Both are only in their late forties. Nice, huh!)

duane said...

you are a great photographer, Andrew!