Monday, January 01, 2007

Giving A Bad Impression

Ok, it's much later now and I've rallied somewhat. Whew. I think I was sweating out pure cocktail there for a while.

I just realised that I ended 2006 with an entry about poppers and dirty monkey sex and started 2007 with a post about being broken by a killer hangover. Skank!

Wow. I imagine my horoscope is really spectacular right now. (Insert joke about Uranus...)


The Original Bess said...

I think your feeding of my cat while I was not away is a more than adequate Christmas present - particularly as it gave me such a laugh when I needed it. I really don't know how you managed to miss me - I had to have been home (probably in my study) at least one of the times you came. I'm also embarrassed I didn't clean up for you. I am now remembering being very surprised that Gypsy hadn't eaten her dinner one day - probably because it was her second. I will chase her up and down the stairs a few times tomorrow to compensate.

Ur-spo said...

it sounds almost like a good fortune ritual, in some culture, like Ancient Sumeria perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I bet by now, since it is already tommorrow down under, your hangover is just a memory and, one hopes, a lesson learned...ha!

Thanks for having such a great blog. I am nearing the end of my first year of blogging and yours is one I check every day. Someday I have to visit Sydney but for now I'll keep in touch with it via you and the ever throbbing Bondi FM.

Although there's sad news regarding the latter -- the station has lost its lease and poor Holly has been chucked out on to the beach. Evicted it seems!

Have a very happy new year.

The Other Andrew said...

Bess, I should tell the tale of the twice fed cat! Too funny. Glad it gave you a laugh.

Ur-spo, I'm thinking the sorts of rtiuals I did over New Year are probabyl more "Castro" that "Ancient Sumeria"! :)

Ken, thanks for the kind words. The hangover is a memory, not exactly distant, but a memory nonethless! If you're ever in this fair town, look me up!