Tuesday, January 09, 2007


As it turns out, I think much of the sudden worsening of my sleep (sleeping pill issues aside) and the really tired and flat feeling I had over post-Christmas and New Year was the start of some sort of bug I was getting. Low grade fevers, chills and a really, really sore throat mostly. I spoke with Ursula, one of my house guests over Christmas and New Year, and she had the same thing on her return home to Queensland.

I felt really bad by Friday of last week, sweating and shivering my way through the afternoon in the office but not wanting to go home on account of I don't get paid for sick days and hello! I had just come off a whole week of unpaid leave. Saturday I was scheduled to do a stocktake of the bookshop I run at the Buddhist centre, and as I had organised a volunteer to help I went in anyway and did it. I started at 9am and by 4pm, and 80% done, I just had to call it quits. Through gritted teeth. My volunteer was a real champion though, and as well as getting to chat to him and know him better we managed to get a lot of it done. The rest of the weekend I slept, laid on the couch, read and watched tv.

Wow, that's a lot of backstory...

I stayed home yesterday, still not feeling well. However, my day was much more productive and goal centered:
  • Successfully re-watched the entire second season of Arrested Development. "I'm a MONSTER!!"
  • Attempted growth of beard. Limited success if using Neat Criteria, very successfull if using Psych Department Inpatient Criteria.
  • Successfuly remained unwashed until 11.30am. Outcome only affected by need to leave the house to forage for something to eat.
  • Proved theory that you're never to sick to have a sly one off the wrist. Or maybe that's just me.
  • Made first attempt at doing a "Samurai" Sudoku puzzle from the weekend paper. Discovered the "Easy" label misleading, unless of course this refers to Samurai only.

I feel a little bit better today, the fevers etc are gone but some of the sore thoat remains, so back at work. (Yay.)


Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Ahh, that made me laugh. Well, chuckle at least ;-)

I had a feeling you were sick yesterday. Call it spooky. I'll trade you your series 2 of Arrested Development for my series 5 of Family Guy. Did some retail therapy this morning and it was on in the DVD store. After spending 15 minutes wandering around looking at DVDs but actually laughing my arse off at Family Guy, I thought it at least polite to ask the sales girl (who was also laughing her arse off at it) which season it was and pick up a copy.

Just made myself an octopus, tomato and basil potato salad (with a little anchovy, chilli and garlic). Yum. Kind of like a octopus putanesca potato salad. Man I'm so "fusion" it scares me. Can you tell I'm still on "hols" (channelling my inner Enid Blyton). Ok, rambling now... Glad you are feeling better.

The Other Andrew said...

What, so we're Borg now? Hive mind.

I saw Season 3 of Arrested Development on the shelf in a DVD store recently. Season 3! Can't wait to get it. Sure I'll trade you, although I haven't seen that much of Family Guy. Yet.

I had substandard Chinese for lunch (from one of the few places near my office), so screw you and your fancy schmancy octopus ways! Kidding! Enjoy the rest of your hols.

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

I went to town in DJ's food hall this morning. What can I say?

If we are borg, I bags being Locutius (spelling?) or maybe that should be Seven, of Nine... Haha!

Tyson said...

I've only seen season one, no one else I know has any of the other seasons, so I'll have to get it myself. Is it as good as the first season?

Speaking of, I did just buy Mission: Impossible season one (that's pre-Peter Graves), 7 discs, yay!

I also have to finish season 1 of bewitched and I have all of season 3 of bewitched (the first colour season) awaiting me.

If you're in the market for tv DVDs, I noticed JB Hifi have some sales on (Jetsons and Flinstones at $15 a season!), as well as DeepDiscountDVD.com and BarnesandNoble.com both having two-for-one specials on some TV boxes. I was thinking of getting a couple of Seinfeld boxes because they cost so freaking much here.

The Original Bess said...

The samurai sudoku aren't really harder than the regular ones - if you do the middle one first. Then you can do the outside ones one at a time. Once I worked that out, it took most of the fun of it out of them though. A bit like rubik's cube.

Stilgherrian said...

Andrew, is it just me or have you become bottom-obsessed the last week or so? I've written more about it on my own blog...

The Other Andrew said...

Bum obssessed? Moi?

Actually only one mention of a bum and one mention of a wank...