Friday, January 12, 2007

5 Friday Morning Mood Enhancers For 12th January, 2007

  • Fried egg and tomato sauce sandwich on squidgy white bread. I know, but we all have to give in to temptation sometimes. (Oh, and I got cruised by a fellow diner...)
  • Exiting the train station I spent about 5 minutes walking alongside the most incredibly handsome man. Tall and slim, with beautiful clear skin and short, prematurely grey hair the exact colour of antique pewter. He walked with the confidence of the truly good looking, whilst I was happy to sail along in his wake.
  • It's Friday, enough said.
  • Sudden heightened awareness of all the beautiful summertime flowers, possibly because I'm so deeply immersed in reading about Derek Jarman's windswept stone garden. (A couple of Flickr photosets of the garden in it's current state are here and here. I'm pleased to read that Jarman's long-term partner H.B. still lives there.)
  • Reading about how two of my favourite bloggers, one of whom is a big internet crush of mine, got to spend the day together and have big fun. Sure, jealous as all hell but I'm smiling through the pain.


Anonymous said...

For us you are in the middle of July. That's what January is if you add six months. Right now we have gray skies, chilly nights, lots of dead plants in the garden. Oh well, soon it will be spring here in the States. Wal-Mart had pots of tulips yesterday and we've got one on the dining table right now. Bright red. It looks like spring is right around the corner.

If we get to Sydney can we meet for lunch? That would be a treat.

The Other Andrew said...

Ken, I think the 6 month comparison is pretty close - I know I'm always looking longingly at pictures of the US Summer when it's Winter down here. I love tulips, one of my favourite flowers!

Lunch? Of course! I'd love that.

freakgirl said...

Aw, I am one of your favorite bloggers! And you are one of mine!

It's not Friday here yet. :: frown ::

The Other Andrew said...

Let's hug it out FG!