Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Turn Of The Year

It's New Year's Eve, my loves!

I had half drafted a long navel gazing post about the year past. A link-tastic review of a year of TOA existence. Me, Me, Me. And you, because without you I'm nothing, natch.

It still sits in draft, and I have to be out of the door in half an hour's time. Plans to finish it off were derailed by a lovely gourmet lunch at a friend's house that turned into a three hour session of sweaty dirty monkey love. (Too much information? Trust me, you haven't heard the half of it. Anyone know if concealer can cover poppers burn?) So now I'm racing to get ready and then I'm off to a New Year cocktail party above the lights of Sydney. There will be cocktails and fireworks.

Sounds a bit like this afternoon, really.

So, sorry for the rushed New Year's wishes. I hope you all have a great and grand New Year, but if it's ordinary then my advice to you is don't get too strung out, because it isn't an omen for the year ahead. It's just what it is. See you all in 2007, like tomorrow! My biggest thanks possible for hanging out here in 2006, hopefully you'll stick around for the year ahead. I'll be here.

Be good, be naughty, have fun, and see you over the hump.
Lots of love.


Ur-spo said...

happy new year
and thank you for letting me part of your world in 2006.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

and see you over the hump

I think we just have, haven't we? ;-)

Michael Guy said...

I know I already posted my "NEW YEAR" comment in the other post...but now you've gone and posted an 'official' NEW YEAR post so I'm following suit.

Andrew, 'thanks' for being a bright spot for me in the blog-O-sphere. Your insights and shared tales are part of my daily life; I'm glad I found you. Wait: I'm glad you found me! I believe it was my 'anti-Christmas' rant of 2005 that forged our cyber-bond.

Anyway--gushing here. "HAPPY NEW YEAR, Andrew!" From the sounds of your recent adventure with're off to a good start! Mind the headaches, love.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Andrew...

Here's hoping that the New Year ahead is the same as the way you saw the Old Year out... full of monkey love...

Big hugs xxx

Tyson said...

Happy New Year!

As I read, 2007 is already shaping up to be an eventful one!

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone! It's great to have guys around. I hope you all had fun New Year's, whatever you decided to do!

morgan said...

I had no idea until just now about your monkey rash on NYE, and I read that post yesterday too. But the pics from NYE that you're in are suitably soft focused :)

The Other Andrew said...

Rash? No rash yet, not even 'pash rash'... :)