Sunday, March 12, 2006

Whip It Good

I know that most of my readers possibly have too much Inner Urban Hipster in them to have an interest in *gasp* craft, but there's a lot of very cool things being made out there under the name "craft" that are nothing like your Gran used to make. I love making things, and especially as the weather starts to cool and more time gets spent on the couch, I always like to have a little "project" to work on while I watch tv.

I was reading Gadgetgirl's blog recently and followed a link to a new(ish) group craft blog called WhipUp. They showcase some of the most gorgeous modern craft out there, and have the occasional tutorial on making funky stuff. Claire of Loobylu, who I have read for years, is one of the contributors and it's nice to see that they have bloggers from all over (including a few others from Australia), so that local artists and suppliers get a mention.

There is a really satisfying feeling in making something yourself and being able to look at it and say "You know, that's pretty good!". Or especially to make something for someone else, and have them love receiving it.


Miss Eudoxia said...

Making things is great....and certainly a better pressie, given from the heart, than many things people give you. Yes autumn/winter is the time for creativity :-)

So do did the hot date/dinner go???? I am sure we are all dying to hear about it!

Bodhi said...

Get thee behind me Martha Stewart!

*holding up crossed fingers*

DestructoMeg said...

have you discovered etsy yet?

The Other Andrew said...

Meg I had a look at etsy the other day, after stumbling along a series of links from one of the craft blogs linked to on WhipUp. Cool!

amy said...

good one bodhi.