Monday, March 27, 2006

The Big Bumper Fun Size Economy Pack Weekend Recap

There's a lot to cover from this weekend. No little slim-line recaplet this week, no sirreee! Get comfortable. So, we begin:
  • By the end of the work day on Friday I was feeling very tired and worn out. My work is very busy at the moment and I've been burning the candle at both ends a bit, both socialising and getting things ready for the conference next weekend. I had a short nap when I got home and then joined my friend Miss Eudoxia, and her friend Jodie Sorrell, for a 9pm showing of the movie Kinky Boots. I quite enjoyed the film, and afterwards the three of us went for coffee and had a great chat and some laughs. Even though I was dead on my feet it made for a fun night.
  • Saturday morning I swung by Fat Fighters for processing, down another 1.2Kg this week. Alriiiiiight!
  • Afterwards I went into the Buddhist centre to meet up with a volunteer who offered to help me prepare for the conference, and we spent the rest of the morning pricing incense and lots and lots of books. I had misread the invite for a Baby Shower I was invited to, thinking it was Saturday afternoon when it was actually on Sunday, so I spent a while racing around getting gifts together before I realised. This gave me a few hours free in the afternoon, so I headed back to the Buddhist centre for a while then home for a nap prior to going out Saturday night.
  • In a busy but fun weekend, Saturday night was the highlight. Drinks at The Newtown Hotel, dinner at the always delicious (but unfortunately quite noisy) Thai Pothong, and then a couple of drag shows at The Imperial, all this in the company of a wonderful man. A man who's possibly reading this and blushing right now! I think he's pretty amazing.
  • Sunday was another morning and early afternoon spent at the centre pricing books for the conference, then off to a baby shower for my friend Louise (aka "world peace & a speedboat", aka "The Mothership"). It was a lovely afternoon, with lots of catching up with friends, eating delicious high-fat high-sugar goodies and playing with sundry dogs & kiddies. Photos from the afternoon are in this Flickr set.
  • After a busy week of being out every night, Sunday night was spent finally reading my 212 emails from my home email account and posting new pics to Flickr, then turning in for an early night.

All up, a lovely weekend.


Michael Guy said...

"...all this in the company of a wonderful man..."

We in the cheap seats need additional 'bullet' points; you went from drag show to baby shower?! Er, so...what happened in between? Some of us live vicariously.

.:Eating pizza cuz my secret man crush has me acting like a gay zombie:.

Donuts are next.

morgan said...

Well I had a wonderful time on Saturday night, too, A. Not so much a blush right now as a bit of a warm glow.

Ok, now I'm blushing.

The Other Andrew said...

:) Michael G, the lovely Morgan just 'outed' himself as my date. (See my sidebar under "Morgspace" for his blog.) It's not so much avoidance, as not wanting to overstep the mark in terms of other people's privacy.

Morgan, you are so sweet. OK, now it's a blush-fest! Me too.

morgan said...

Well, given that I already mentioned your name on mine...

But there is a privacy issue. Which maybe should be drawn around now. It's early days, and it'd be good to let things happen naturally and, um, less publicly.

Michael Guy said...

I totally agree. I kid in my earlier comments. We all have private lives. I appreciate--and value, placing a degree of privacy on what one actually posts via the web. One never knows who reads this stuff.

Isn't that right, Mom?

.: hug :.

Michael said...

You boys are so sweet. I'm about to cry. Can I get one of those hugs?

I know it's early and tender and whatnot, but all my best!

Bodhi said...

Awww, isn't that sweet :-)

I think its indeed wise in these early days to have us respect your privacy and space, and indeed let it naturally flow wherever it may in the scheme of things. Its not like we don't have a life of our own or anything. We are not completely obsessed over every little detail. Were beyond that, were mature, were respectful. Were all growned up now and no longer have a need for petty gossip and juicy titbits. We are just not that shallow, m'kay? Some things you just don't need to know.

So you pair just have .... errr .... fun doing ... ummm ... whatever in the privacy of your own ... err ... thing and we will be just fine.

[PS. But you can still dish all the goss at home with me TOA, right?]

Q - 60's girl said...

Ode to the 'warm glow' Morgan. It sounds delicious - nice one guys. Enjoy it. Soooh jealous.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the chorus of nice sentiments! We're enjoying getting to know each other at the moment, it's really nice. Neither of us in a rush.

As my patron saint, Columbia (she of the sequined top hat and tap shoes), would say "Slowly, slowly, it's too nice a job to rush!"

Miss Eudoxia said...

TOA you do realise you have created a warm glow all round to your readers don't you? It is so nice to see some having a lovely time. Enjoy! And when you are ready, we will be ready to read your escapades :-)
I will just sit back quietly, insanely jelous. (says she who has put herself in yet another crap relationship)
And thanks for a lovely evening on Friday.

Michael said...

OK now's about as good a time as any to say how amusing/creepy the idea of 'processing' at Fat Fighters is. You do make me laugh. That's not really in their vernacular. It's not. Right?

Q - 60's girl said...

Yes the journey is as good as arriving at the destination. The anticipation. In response to Miss E 'another crap relationship', life is long but marriage is longer. So said by Ms Shirley Maclaine. How does one shake that feeling....

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Miss E, and I had a lovely time too! It was lovely to see you, oh and Jodie Sorrell is a crack up, is she not?! It was a fun night.

Michael, 'processing' is my term. It's actually not bad at all, they just weigh you one on one and give you a compliment when you lose. It's rather nice really. I also jokingly refer to it as the "kiss or cry" or the "high five or low self-esteem", because so much of one's mental health resides in those numbers.

60s Girl - word!