Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cheat's Post

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You know that I don't like to let a day go by without sharing some sort of morsel with you all, right? My little way of saying, hey guys, check this out.

Well, today I'm a little overwhelmed. Work is completely kicking my butt with its sheer volume. In amongst that I'm spending my lunchtime trying to get loose ends tied up for the bookshop I'll be running at the conference in a couple of weeks time, the one my Buddhist centre is co-hosting. Oh, and I'm out tonight and tomorrow night.


So, here's pic entry which is a bit of a cheat's post really. Something quick. I took this picture of Pinks in a flower bed in Newtown last weekend. Ask me sometime to fill you in how these things were favourites of the 16th century Elizabethans, m'kay? How they crop up in portraits of Queen Elizabeth I, and other people of the era.

...oh crap, so much for a short, quick post. Gotta dash.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I heart pinks.

I had some lovely clove-scented pinks (the real Lizbethan thing, apparently) growing in the backyard about a decade ago - but I dug them up and gave them to Gunric so he could do some sort of crazy brewing thing with them.

bugger it! I've never found them again!

Michael Guy said...

I adore your flower pics, Andrew. So vivid. Such intense color. I can practically smell PINKS from here.

Speaking of scent: anything new on your cologne horizon? You know I'm a scent whore.

The Other Andrew said...

I heart Pinks too. When I saw them I was like PINKS!! The clove scented ones are lovely.

Michael G,
Sadly nothing new to report on the fragrance front. Still wearing Issey Miyake, especially on hot days, and Very Irresistible by Givenchy a lot. I need to replace my Kenzo, because I think the bottle has started to turn.

Thanks for the props on the photos!