Sunday, March 05, 2006

"The Aristocrats"!

I just saw an early Sunday morning screening of the documentary feature The Aristocrats. Oh. My. God. The subtitle of the film is "No Nudity. No Violence. Unspeakable Obscenity." for good reason.

The idea of the documentary is that there is a joke that has been doing the rounds for decades, a joke that is so unspeakably filthy that comedians tend to tell it to each other, and it rarely gets told to an audience. The other important aspect of the joke is that only the front set-up and the closing punchline are established, and the middle of the joke, the body of it, is usually ad-lib. Oh, and is supposed to be full of the dirtiest things you can imagine.

One of the funniest aspects of the film is seeing famous comics, like Paul Reiser, step outside their normally clean image and tell this disgusting joke. I especially loved a magician/comedian who told the joke as a card trick, using individual cards or sometimes the whole deck, to highlight parts of the joke. I have no problem with filthy jokes, but this film is not for those who are easily offended!

I think it's ending its run here in Sydney, but if you don't mind dirty jokes then I recommend it.


Cozalcoatl said...

but the joke isn't very funny though...i guess its all in the telling.
The magician/comedian is Penn Jilette of Penn and Teller fame.
They have a great show called "Bullshit" i have two seasons on DVD. Worth watching, totally funny and informative

amy said...

we LOVED this film.
I really love how comedy can push boundaries AND make you laugh at things that we normally find truly vile. If we can't talk about some topics in some form, they will never be discussed.
I'm sure there are a lot of people that can't get past the language to see the brilliance of this film.

Michael said...

Oooh, I love a good thumbs up from TOA in the morning. This is out on DVD here and I've been sorely tempted to pick it up (rental). Now I must.

Tyson said...

Great! It's playing at the uni-movies in a few weeks and I am going to drag someone along with me. Good to hear it will be fun.

The Other Andrew said...

Amy, I love the cognitive dissonance (I think that's the term) in comedy, where you think something is going in one direction and then it takes a 90 degree turn. What really works for me in the film is the insight into the comedians, that it's a joke about showbiz and comedy.

Coz, you're right the joke in itself isn't that funny, some of the version barely raised a chuckle from me, but others like Eric Mead (the cards guy) and Bob Saget (Bob Saget!) had me busting a gut. I think that's the beauty of the joke, that it's in the ad-lib and the skill of the telling.

Michael, let me know what you think.

Tyson, likewise. I hope none of your friends are easily shocked though, because it's pretty out-there!

When I bought my ticket, the ticket seller said "You are aware this is rated R, right?". I guess they've had people walk out previously.

Bodhi said...

On a completely unrelated note (but, lets face it, when has that ever stopped me), I think I possibly need to ask the following:

Am I turning into ... a cynical Queen?

This blonde young thing in the office just came around proudly showing everyone her glittering new engagement ring.

Its certainly a stunning rock. I smiled and said the usual "congrations" with all my hetero happy colleagues.

But the first thought that actually came to my mind as I was doing this was "wow ... thats a lot of rock for a 40% chance of divorce".

Cozalcoatl said...

Ohh so it wasn't Penn doing the card trick. The guy on the right of the photo, i'm pretty sure is Penn, so i just assumed as he to is pretty nifty with a deck.

Sherri said...

I saw The Aristrocrats when it showed here last year, cringed and laughed myself under a table (let's just say seeing it at a cinema pub while eating dinner wasn't such a great idea...between the occasional squick and laughing so hard I couldn't breath, I nearly threw up.) Can't wait for the DVD to get into my hot little hands...

And I think Bodhi is getting a wee bit cynical. Maybe he needs a hug?