Friday, March 10, 2006


Balloon Installation 3
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

I spotted this installation a week or so back, on my walk into work in the mornings. By the time I spotted it the heat was already starting to decimate it, if you look closely you can see the gaps where some of the ballons have deflated or popped. There are about 9 windows in total, so it was obviously quite a time consuming job to blow all the balloons up and pin them to the sheets of polystyrene that line the back of the windows. I love the idea that someone, or a group of people, took the time to make something so bright, frivolous and ephemeral. Seeing it sure did brighten my morning.


duane said...

I love that! I wish they would do things like that around here; but I wouldn't get to see it... I drive to work. Boo.

Mark said...

Yeah, neato :)

The Other Andrew said...

This is absolutely the best thing about taking long walks, seeing the quirky close up. It's one of the things I like about big cities too, you just happen upon these strange things sometimes.

kris said...

I happened to be walking by on the day two girls were setting that up! I stood there on George Street for a few minutes watching them blow up the balloons and stick them to the back wall. I thought it must have been advertising something... Is it supposed to be Art? At any rate, it really is pretty.

Bodhi said...

I agree that it was a rather clever and whimsical idea, and I'm sure that when it was first installed it looked really great. But passing by it again this morning on the way to work, I couldn't help but notice that with a large number of the balloons now well and truly popped, that it looks rather sad and pathetic.

And lets not even talk about the hideousness of the 1970's style pebblecrete-esque McKell building thats it on. For Brads sake tear that thing down, build another towering monument to steel and glass. Hell, build a car park - even it can't be uglier than that.

The Other Andrew said...

Kris, that's cool that you got to see it being made!

Bodhi, agree that the weather has not been kind to it and I saw it this morning and it's mostly all popped. Lesson in impermanence perhaps.