Saturday, March 04, 2006


TOA has been a picture-heavy blog of few words the past couple of days. The strong silent type. I caught some sort of sore throat bug a couple of days ago, and apparently if I don't feel like chattering I don't much feel like typing either. Weird.

Actually, I just haven't had much to report in the past few days. I stayed home from work on Friday and could regale you with tales of cleaning my bedroom and endless hours on Das Internetz spent Googling "Jake + Gyllenhaal + naked", but it has limited entertainment value (even for me).

I have however been watching endless hours of tv, so it's nice to know that somethings don't change, isn't it? The Amazing Race was just that, although they cut up the long first episode into two for showing here, so my dream of The Alpha Male Dentist, Mr I-Might-Have-Contributed-To-That-Mistake (when I didn't read the whole clue) being philiminated will have to wait until next week. I suspect however That 'Mo & Curly (The Gays) are out, but we'll see. If you know the answer keep it to yourself, m'kay!

So today is the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. I'm not planning on partaking at this point, but I will be catching up with friends tomorrow afternoon, including some of my old homies who have made the trip acoss from Perth. Good times.


kris said...

Ooh! I didn't even realize it was on here! We downloaded the first one (but no spoilers from these lips!) because we didn't think anyone would be showing it. But isn't it so nice to see the teams actually, you know, LEAVING THE UNITED STATES? Oh my show, we've missed you!

Michael Guy said...

Hope you're feeling better, Andrew. Maybe you need to suck on something. A lozenge or something hot.

:: adjusting coif as she does her best Mae West strut stage left ::

Sunshine said...

Sam and I are planning to come down next year for the Mardi Gras. Can't believe we missed it this year! :)

The Other Andrew said...

Sunshine, you should definately go at least once. It's a shame the wedding was close, but not quite close enough for you to be here for it.

Michael G, I thought about sucking on a Lifesaver* but unfortunately I'm no where near the beach.

Kris, I can't believe I have to go a whole other week in media lockdown... sigh. We never got the family one here did we, unless it played on cable? I hear it sucked.

* This assumes you have 'Lifesaver' sweets in the US too, it's much funnier that way.

Bodhi said...

On the morning of Mardi Gras I was alone in the city doing what one does best. That's shopping and looking at all the cuties. So many mo's to see, so many cute accents, I just lurve this time of year in Sydney. It's even better then when the US Navy boys decide to drop us a visit.

Anyhoo, then I met him. This cute German dude with the bluest eyes and spiked blonde hair. And before you know it we kinda, maybe, ended up kissing, and then before you know it he is making other suggestions. And thus dramatically ended my recent decision to partake of Brahmacarya, a period of complete celibacy.

I mean really. With an offer like that, I could not bring myself to say nein now could I? I thought not. It was more than just sex, of course. I mean it was a beautiful thing. It was good. We connected on a deeper, certainly spiritual, level. Claus and I. At least I think that was his name ...


So after a brief break in transmission, it now appears that I am indeed back to my usually scheduled programming.

Anyhoo, I can all assure you that the later Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade for 2006 was absolutely fabulous darlings.

The Kid and I were certainly in attendence. She wore a very camp cowboy outfit complete with great boots and a matching sequinned top, cowboy hat and handbag. Moi wore black pants, a midnight blue oh-my-god-thats-gay shirt, replete with a black feather boa. Both us of may have been victims of a drive-by body glittering, but there are no witnesses to back this up.

The parade was awesome, and we had great fun. Amongst a number of celebrities we saw, was none other than Toby Allan (see TOA's recent "Popular with the Gays" post). He indeed looked quite the hotness, I must say.

Ashley prooved to be at her twink magnet best when she attracted some cuties from Toronto, who loved her hat so much they had to try it own for themselves and take numerous pictures. I was happy to flirt outreagously at any given opportunity (I know, you are suprised, huh?), but with minor in tow it could go no further. Sorry boys.

I so could have gotten lucky, I am sure. Especially that hottie in the pink muscle shirt that was
knowingly smiling back at me for ages in Subway (6" or 12"? Do they even need to ask that question on Oxford Street?).

We both got home a little after midnight, and went to bed foot-sore but happy. An early Saturday night for us, but we had another big day ahead with early start on Sunday ...

worldpeace and a speedboat said...


a decision to practise celebacy in the weeks before Mardi Gras?


Bodhi said...

W&S, I know, I know ...

It's a bit of a long story, and I should have known at that time it was going to be hard.

Hmmmm. Was it ever ;-)

Dankeschon Claus, ich liebe dich. Auf Wiedersehen!