Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Outside My Office

QVB & Monorail
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

This is the view if you walk outside my office and head down a couple of buildings to the corner. Neat huh?

That's the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in the background, a huge restored Victorian edifice that takes up an entire city block and is 4 levels of shopping arcade. In front that's the Monorail track, that loops around some of the city streets and then heads down and around the entertainment district of Darling Harbour. So tomorrow isn't it?


Michael said...

Cool photo. I'm fascinated with views like that, showing the clash/cohabitation of different eras.

The Other Andrew said...

I'm all about the "compare & contrast" motif.

Sunshine said...

I love the QVB. I like the fact that it is joined underground with other shopping centres and you don't ever have to cross the road under the hot sun to get from one place to another. :) And I LOVE this open cafe at the bottom of the QVB opposite the florist. They've got the yummiest stuff!!!! :D

The Other Andrew said...

Inside the QVB is amazing, isn't it?! You just have to look at all the Flickr photos tagged QVB to see just how cool a place it is. For a while it was heavily dominated by souvenir shops, but these days a lot of big name labels have moved in too. I know the cafe you mean, it's good. The QVB has some of my favourite shops (like Aveda) in it.

You can walk through whole chunks of Sydney by going through underground arcades! Good in stinking heat/wet weather.

mz.speedy.on.hols said...

so tomorrow - only if tomorrow was twenty years ago ;)