Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fun Is Where You Find It

I'm deep in the dark part of the woods with work at the moment. Surrounded by towering stacks of work to be done, now! My biggest task at the moment is doing lots of payments to clients. Something that has to be done exactly right, but is kind of boring and repetitive at the same time boring and repetitive at the same time boring and repetitive at the same time...

Sorry about that.

So, quite a few of our clients are from overseas backgrounds, and in the course of doing this boring and repetitive task boring and repetitive task... sorry... some names have stood out because of their amusement value. Remember, I'm borderline hysterical with tiredness and work that's boring and repetitive boring... shit.

I give you:
  • My Ho
  • Kit Chan (say it fast)
  • Daisy Chen (again, say it fast)
  • Farah Farah (where's Charlie Charlie or Sabrina Sabrina?)
  • Chuong Hung Dong

Although, none of these quite match up to my friend Spyder, who once served a lady at her work who's surname was Tittiporn.


Miss Eudoxia said...

...and then there is the infamous Dr Tooth(dentist of course) and our big cattle medicine books are by Dr Blood and I went through Vet schol with Him Hoo Yap....he did seem to be able to talk to the animals......

simple things, simple minds

The Other Andrew said...

Him Hoo Yap!! Har!

See, I told you, borderline hysterical.

Bodhi said...

For a while here at my current employ, I worked with a lovely guy by the name of Randy Toh (pronounced as in "toe").

Needless to say, we all affectionately called him Horny Foot.

Bodhi said...

... and does anyone remember the unfortunate Italian basketballer who competed at the Sydney 2000 Olympics by the name of Fucka?

Gregor Fucka.

AND, for good measure they printed his surname in large letters on the back of his playing uniform.

What between the commentators endlessly mentioning his name, and the endless jokes we thought of for our own amusement (who's your mama? mother fucka!) ... The Kid and I were in absolute hysteric's.

There were tears involved.

Sunshine said...

They should lock these people's parents up for giving them these names! How awful!

Michael said...

Don't forget tennis' unfortunately monikered Shi-Ting Wang.

Anonymous said...

The funniest thing about the oft-mentioned NSW politician, Richard Face, is that his name is actually Jack Richard FACE. So even though it's funny that he chose to call himself Richard Face, he could have actually been Jack Face. Which is worse?


Q- - 60's girl said...

i'm just guessing here but could it be Dick Face?

Hello everyone back from a night out!

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

There's nothing like a joke name to get the titters going, I say. Others that leap to mind are:
Cardinal Sin (Phillippino, I think he was)
Flo Hymen (an unfortunate US female basketballer)
And I also know (as does TOA) a young man in Canberra who rejoices in the name of Mike Hunt...
Speaking of tired, I'm starign down the barrel of my fourth weekend in a row at work (both days...)

Q - 60's girl said...

Hmm, I wasnt going to say it but on the surname of Hunt - my friend called her daughter Ophelia (Hunt).