Friday, March 17, 2006


I had a poor night's sleep last night, the first one in a while (thank goodness), and as a consequence I'm a bit flat and tired today. Not sparking. Chances are I'll come good and get my second wind, or at least I'm preparing to pin my hopes on that one.

It doesn't help that my work tasks today are kind of tedious but complicated. Exporting records out of a piece of accounting software, adjusting them by copying and pasting from a spreadsheet, then importing them back and checking for errors and skipped records.

::zzzzzzz:: Sorry, just had a micro-sleep.

All this and a complete lack of an sort of St Patrick's Day celebrations here! Ok sure, I'm not even remotely Irish, but I did wear a green shirt today and I think I even have khaki (greenish) undies on.

That should count for something, right?


quintessential 60's girl said...

Right, well i do believe it is time to imagine that everyone is secretly wearing green (or khaki) nickers in support of the day. Or you could just imagine everyone in the nude (like when you do public speaking) but with a four leaf clover behind their ear. Hows that work?

Michael said...

I'm not usually into the wearin' o' the green, but I have a light cotton v-neck sweater in a very SPRING and very DELICIOUS shade of pale green that I picked up at the Banana and I've been dying to wear it, so I'm dress code compliant. It's giving me happiness. Can we ask for more from clothing?

Ms Meltdown said...

mmmmmmmmmmm St Patrick's day I believe I celebrated that with a driveby hookup on the dancefloor much too the amazement of my uni 2nd year fellowsufferers who have been wondering if I may be a bit U know that way lol was rather inebriated at the time most uncommon for me I forget all my inibitions and lived up to my warning tattood on my hiney but dammm I feel good :-) go St Patrick