Friday, March 17, 2006

To Be Sure, To Be Sure

Happy St Patrick's Day, whether you be genuinely Irish, or whether you are Irish for just one day a year!



morgan said...

That's a moot point. I'm eligible for citizenship, but carry a UK passport... which isn't particularly unusual.

The Other Andrew said...

I have joint citizenship as I was born in England and came to Oz as a child, but I've let my UK passport lapse. I must renew it, it's handy for overseas travel. Although it's kind of weird when you walk into the UK and they say "Welcome home", errrrr, sure.

quintessential 60's girl said...

Hmm Morgan good point re taking up the Blog. Ouch you know your 'limitations'? Thats just what i was thinking the other day. I know mine but refuse to stay happily within them and make a fool of myself over and over. Same age as you but feel like im still in bloody highschool! So maybe needing limitation enlightenment. Im eligible for UK citizenship too - born here but father from Estonia - some latest rules enable it havent done it though. Still too busy making a fool of myself here and it is a big place, many people!!

Bodhi said...

Both sides of my family tree have Irish (as well as English, I might also add) heritage. My mothers side immigrated to Australia back in the later part of the 19th century, but my Dad's side was even earlier - immigrating from County Cork way back in 1840.

More than enough generations have passed to now consider myself 100% Aussie, but like many of my countrymen I am happy to be reminded of my heritage every St Pat's day.

And in that great Aussie tradition, how could I not end this post without telling a brief Irish joke. In this instance, it also kind of doubles as a Public Service Announcement:

Q. Why did the Irishman wear three condoms?
A. To be sure, to be sure, to be sure.

dani said...

yeah there's a bit of irish in all of us isn't there? and love this image!