Sunday, March 19, 2006

One + One

One + One
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

More of the fantastic pavement art outside the Newtown Town Hall Community Centre. I heart it.

Someone asked me recently how I find all the stuff that I photograph, which I thought was an interesting question. I'm a very visually oriented person, I could live without music I think but I would struggle to live without visual stimulus. I'm already a very observant person, but one thing that taking photos does is to make you start to look at things through fresh eyes. I love taking pics of things that are quirky, or interesting details of things. One of the joys of living somewhere as visually rich as Newtown is that it is ripe for the picking. Belonging to Flickr, and groups like the Newtown and Sydney Photobloggers groups, means that I get to see my surroundings through other people's eyes as well. It's fun to see the things that people take an interest in, and how through the medium of photography that their own personal point-of-view comes across.


Bodhi said...

Newtown is indeed quite the visual feast, and there is quirkyness and points of interest just about everywhere you look. But I still love your photo's Andrew, and I really enjoying seeing those things through your eyes. The fact that I have personally seen a number of subjects you have photographed, does not distract me from my interest in your own unique perspective on them.

I must admit that through the appreciation of your photo's (as well as sites like Newtown Flickr group), that you have given me too a fresh eye of the visual stimulus that surrounds me, even though I am not a photographer. Especially the often smaller detail that can so easily be bypassed and overlooked. And this is indeed a great gift ... so thank you.

Sunshine said...

We must come to Newtown next time ... after we have paid off this @#$%@$%^#$% speeding fine first, that is. :P

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Bodes, that's really sweet! :-) Awww.

Sunshine, I've upgraded my Flickr account and have a new set dedicated to just my Newtown Pics. My Flickr profile is here, if you want to see more Newtown-y goodness. Yes, you should check it out sometime, speeding fines permitting!