Friday, March 10, 2006


From this Sunday onwards 5 local Flickr-ites are participating in a group photography show at Gallery FourtyFour here in Sydney. If you are in the area and interested in attending, the opening is this Sunday at 6pm.

It promises to be a good show. I know two of the photographers from the Sydney Photobloggers group on Flickr, Talsit and *hime* and I've admired their photos very much. I'm not familiar with the other photographers taking part, but I'm looking forward to seeing their work.
Sunday 12th March, 6pm
Gallery FourtyFour
44 Little Oxford St

A bunch of people from the Sydney Photobloggers group are planning on attending, and I'll be there with Mikey (the lovely ex). Why not stop on by and have a look?


Morgan said...

Interesting... should be a few familiar names/faces there.

The Other Andrew said...

Come along if you're free! The more the merrier.

I'm pretty sure that the lovely Rob (Yankinoz), Amy (gadgetgirl) and Kate (thedepartment) from Sydney Photobloggers are coming, and probably quite a few more. It'll be nice to support Talsit and *hime*, and as I said I'm interested to see the work of the others that I'm not familiar with.

morgan said...

Will try and drag along Murray (hopeless128) and maybe one or two others, too

The Other Andrew said...

Cool! And the fact that it's just a short stroll to the Oxford St watering holes is an added incentive really...

morgan said...

Will need to be elsewhere by 8, unfortunately. Will look out for a short guy with a goatee.

Hmm, not that much shorter than me.