Monday, March 27, 2006

Baby Shower

The full set of photos from Louise's baby shower is here, but here are a couple of snaps from the afternoon.

Fairy Bread
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

Fairy Bread! A good old fashioned Aussie institution, which covers the three basic food groups of 1. Soft white bread, 2. Butter/margarine and 3. Sprinkles! It's the taste of childhood and tooth decay. Nummy.

Baby Gamer Jump Suit
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

Possibly the single most excellent baby shower gift ever, from the lovely Coz. (Click the pic for a bigger image.) Extra Nerd Points(TM) if you spotted the reference to a Dungeons & Dragons character profile!

Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

"Hansel needs some sugar, Daddy. Sugar Daddy bring it home.
It's a car wash ladies & gentlemen!"


[Update: Coz bought the baby gamer jumpsuit from a website called Jinx, for those who are interested.]


Bodhi said...


Do I get a winners prize of some gummibaerchen? Huh? Huh? Huh?

I’ve got a sweet tooth
For licorice drops and jelly roll.
Hey sugar daddy,
Hansel needs some sugar in his bowl.
I’ll lay out fine china on the linen
And polish up the chrome
And if you’ve got some sugar for me,
Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

Black strap molasses,
You’re my orange blossom honey bear.
Bring me Versace blue jeans
And black designer underwear.
Let’s dress up like the disco-dancing jet set
In Milan and Rome.
And if you’ve got some sugar for me,
Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

Oh the thrill of control,
Llike the rush of rock and roll,
Iis the sweetest taste I’ve known.
So come on, Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

When honey bees go shopping
It’s something to be seen.
They swarm to wild flowers
And get nectar for the queen.
And everything you bring me
Gets me dripping like a honeycomb
And if you’ve got some sugar for me,
Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

Oh the thrill of control,
Like a Blitzkrieg on the roll,
Is the sweetest taste I’ve know.
So if you’ve got some sugar
Bring it home.
Oh come on, Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

Whiskey and French cigarettes,
A motorbike with high-speed jets,
A Waterpik, a Cuisinart
And a hypo-allergenic dog.
I want all the luxuries of the modern age,
And every item on every page
In the Lillian Vernon catalogue.

Oh baby, something’s crossed my mind
And I was thinking you’d look so fine
In a velvet dress
With heels and an ermine stole.
Oh, Luther darling, heaven knows
I’ve never put on women’s clothes
Except for once
My mother’s camisole.

So you think only a woman
Can truly love a man.
Then you buy me the dress
I’ll be more woman
Than a man like you can stand.
I’ll be your Venus on a chocolate clam shell
Rising on a sea of marshmallow foam
And if you’ve got some sugar for me,
Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

It’s our tradition to control,
Like Erich Honecker and Helmut Kohl,
From the Ukraine to the Rhone.
Sweet home uber alles,
Lord, I’m coming home.
So come on, Sugar Daddy, bring me home.

Sunshine said...

Oh god, I LOVE gummibears ... 'cept for the orange ones. Damn, now I'll have to go downstairs to get some...

Q - 60's girl said...

Send me some lollies without 'wheat glucose' please :( Waaah

Q - 60's girl said...

Lollies suck (so does wheat) so do some other things in life... i dont mean good things. I wish i was a baby again, oh the days before wheat intolerance or simply intolerance. Although i think its a good idea to be a good looking baby, we dont know what happens to the ugly ones...

Bodhi said...

The road is my home, and my home, the road. And when I think of all the people I have come upon in my travels, I cannot help but think of the people who have come upon me. Tommy, can you hear me? From this milkless tit you have sucked the very business we call show!

Bodhi said...

Ladies and gentlemen, do you like the pelt? Be honest, because some *bitch* stopped me on the way in. "What poor and unfortunate creature had to die for you to wear that?"


My Aunt Trudy, I replied.

Walked away ladies and gentlemen, walked away!

Bodhi said...

Shut up and kiss me while we do it.

Bodhi said...


Q - 60's girl said...

Bodhi! What on earth are you talking about? The other day when you said you would need to go back on your medication? well GET OFF IT! It isnt agreeing with you. LOL. However i did like the little bit that said 'Shut up and kiss me while we do it' :)

Q - 60's girl said...

I could shut up and kiss someone while we .......

The Other Andrew said...

Bodes is quoting from a favourite film of his and mine "Hedwig & The Angry Inch". It's a riot, and as camp as Christmas.

Q - 60's girl said...

Sounds funny, i'll have to watch. You may tire of explaining to me... :O

Bodhi said...

On a completely unrelated tangent (but when has that ever stopped me):

Your mention of Xmas brings me to the likewise upcoming Christian holiday of Easter. Loving the whole chololate giving thing, but not being of the Christian persuasion, I have hereby decided that I will no longer call the season Easter but henceforth will refer to it as Lindtmas.

Hmmmmmm. Lindt.

The Kid and Rabbit are in wholehearted agreement.

Bodhi said...

PS. Thank's TOA.

So do I get my gummibaerchen now?

Bodhi said...

We warm to inform and aim to explain here 60's girl. It's all part of the Platinium Service you recieve as a valued member here at TOA ...


Q - 60's girl said...

Thanks Bodhi. I like Lindtmas, no explanation needed :)

My kids (all 4) have told ME to be careful on the net 'You just dont know if the person you are talking to is some crazy 90 year old pervert'

I said i'd take my chances at 90 (years) they be either dead soon or too slow to do anything.

You old perves really do make my day :) I <3 you

Q - 60's girl said...

I did mean "old" and "perves" in inverted commas ie. in context of my conversation and just joking ^_^

duane said...

I LOVE Hedwig!!!

And I LOVE that photo you took of the fairy bread! Bravo!

Bodhi said...

crazy 90 year old pervert

Although touching, your children have absolutely no cause for concern, 60's girl.

Speaking for myself, I will have you know for the record that I am, nor have I ever been, anything like 90 years old ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

Cheers pet! I love that photo you took the other day with your camera phone, the one of that sweet pup of your Sydney (good name) riding in the car. So cute.

Q - 60's girl said...

LOL Bodhi - "90 years"!
me neither ;)

Q - 60's girl said...

I hope you peruse this now i finally got my act together with photos of the weekend. I used photobucket. I had no idea what i was doing *:P* so they are in no particular order. Most look better full size...enjoy them at
if you want to let me know what you think? :)

yaniboy said...

Oh good... I thought someone else might have scooped up the Extra Nerd Points(TM)... but this seems to have been a two handed ramble on too much sugar...

From the Charisma points, I'm thinking a Sorcerer or maybe a Bard...

God I'm a geek...

Bodhi said...

Wow, 60's girl, the photo's of the weekend look awesome. It certainly looks like a magical place.

J'adore especially the photo's you called Hand of Stone and Attack of the Moss. The first with its timeless quality combined with the ethereal reaching stone hand, and the later for the beautiful waterlilles in the foreground.

I am a bit of a sucker for waterlillies and lotus. I recently bought a black and white print by Silberman called "Waterlillies" for my bedroom, and I have a lotus tattoo on my leg.

But all your photo's were beautiful (and yes, that includes the self picture; you gorgeous thing). Like a friend of my daughter is want to say, they are all very prettyful.

The Other Andrew said...

60s Girl, lovely photos! The place you stayed at looks lovely, and that's a very nice self portrait. (BTW, I did get your emailed photos, sorry it has taken so long for me to respond! Mea culpa.)

Yaniboy, well done. They have some great t-shirts on that website. I love the "Carpe DM" and "Clerics are lame" ones in particular. It's true, I was a teenage D&D nerd...

Q - 60's girl said...

Thank you Bodhi, j'adore the compliments from you. A rare feel good moment for me *blush*. I like the idea of your lotus tattoo..

Q - 60's girl said...

TOA thankyou too. Did you like the foot prints when you rotated them?

The retreat was super and despite my pic most of the time was spent totally starkers because thats how secluded it was. But get dressed when receiving the breakfast hamper each morning..

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

btw TOA, that's a nice photie of mum and Oliver you took over at Flickr (I keep forgetting my profile name so I haven't logged in). sorry for not commenting on this post before now - I think my hard drive is rooted* so PC is crapping out a bit!

*insert double entendre here.

The Other Andrew said...

Speedy, I particularly like that pic of your Mum and Oliver too. There is a second one of your Mum that's nice but Oliver is pulling a face, so I didn't post that to Flickr but I'll give you copies. It was a fun afternoon!

PS. Still no baby yet? :)