Monday, March 20, 2006

Tracking Device

Tracking Device Bin
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

It also has a tractor beam and planet destroying lasers.

Some back lane silliness from my beloved neighbourhood, Newtown.


Michael said...

When a local burg dotted their confines with Giant Themed Beavers a few months back, they actually did install tracking devices in the statues and were thusly able to apprehend the fiends who attempted to snatch (hee!) one of the mascots.

The Other Andrew said...

Unhand my beaver!

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

Beaver... Ewwww!

morgan said...

The Dr Who theme continues... very first episode.

The Other Andrew said...

The TARDIS rebadged as a wheelie bin. Makes Rose pong a bit, I'm sure.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

is that Giant-Themed Beavers, or Giant Themed-Beavers?

how intriguing... either way...

the first thing I thought of, actually, was the Cry-Baby from Firefly, the second thought was of the TARDIS. oooh nerd!

quintessential 60's girl said...

Geez all this talk about bloody beavers - although i get the feeling it may not be the beaver that i believe it is....hey Other Andrew did u catch up with my email?

Ms Meltdown said...

OH MY GODDESS , u have beavers and snatches all over newtown !!!!! whats a wicked lonely unloved country hippy lezzo to do Y move to sydney immediatly of course . Andrew and michael be prepared to share the beds hehehehehehe ;-) this chicky is comin am sure the offspring will party on without me only kidding but heck I sure am lookin forward to April xoxoxoxoxox

quintessential 60's girl said...

Hmm Ms Meltdown, whats in April? Do you mean thats when the bunny comes darling? What makes yall think im not in Sydney. Oh okay you've got me, I used to be. And i'm loving the conversation that reminds me of the whole Sydney scene!

Michael Guy said...

Okay. I'm totally lost here in this beaver tracking conversation. Somebody throw me a line?

:: hiking boots on swatting gnats walking in circles ::

Bodhi said...

60's Girl,

Ms Meltdown is indeed one of my dearest friends, we go wayyyy back, and the April she is referring to is her next trip to the city to party hardy with all her regular city friends, including moi. She will be staying with Andrew and myself at our pad in Newtown.

The Offspring (Give it to me baby! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!) she alludes to in this case is her eldest daughter and my daughter, who will no doubt also have a great time catching up.

By the way, Rabbit (aka Da Bunny) is a friend of ours in this posse of party goers. He's also an ex of mine. So when you say the bunny is coming, sweetness ... well .... one can only hope ;-) Wouldn't be the first time.

And Ms Meltdown, so cool to see you here at TOA, sweetie darling sweetie.

MWAH! [Countin' down sleeps]

Bodhi said...

i've got something to tell you
i've got news for you
gonna put some wheels in motion
get ready cuz we're coming through

hey now, hey now
hear what i say now
happiness is just around the corner

hey now, hey now
hear what i say now
we'll be there for u

the venga bus is coming
and everybody's jumping
new york to san fransisco
an inter-city disco

the wheels of steel are turning
and traffic lights are burning
so if you like to party
come on and move your body!

we like to party
we like
we like to party

we like to party
we like
we like to party

Bodhi said...

Disclaimer: Any stories that come out of this womens mouth are purely for entertainment or educational value. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and are a work of pure fiction. Especially when it comes to anyone called either Michael or Bodhi. No party goers were ultimately harmed in the making of this life.

quintessential 60's girl said...

worldpeace and aspeedboat, well thank you for the hospitality. Dont you sound sweet. I feel i might like to hang around for a while. Everyone sounds like fun. Although such strong personalities altoghether in a one big blog, scary :O
Makes me shy....

The Other Andrew said...

Michael Guy, I'm as lost as you are... :-)

60's girl, I've been naughty and haven't checked my home email for a while, I'll probably catch up in the next couple of days.

Ms Meltdown, it'll be nice to see you again!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ooooh 60's girl, I *sound* sweet... but I don't know if that's how TOA would describe me ;)

as for the beavers, I think perhaps - but I could be wrong - that the Michael who was posting about them originally is from Canadia, which would make the subject of beavers slightly less confusing...

Bodhi said...

To be perfectly honest with you all, I must say that as a gay man I find all this talk of beavers quite disturbing, actually.

So lets quickly change the topic to completely another tact, m'kay? Good. Now, have I ever told you all about my pussy? I luves ma pussy. Likes being stroked.

quintessential 60's girl said...

worldpeace and aspeedboat, is that what you wish for peace and a fast boat (you float my ....?) seeing as being a sweetie is a given. ;) back at you.
And poor Bodhi suffering from Beaver Banter :o

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

well now, doesn't everyone want a boat that floats? ;)

don't feel terribly sorry for dear Bodhi. there's so much boytalk around here that the occasional reference to female genitalia can't even begin to tip the scales... heh... truth be told though, I don't like the term myself. bleh.

and Bodhi, stop stroking the pussy. you don't like it, and I don't think the cat does either ;)