Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Co-Workers Think I'm Insane

Did you all know that my office has the water cooler in it? Fact. Possibly one of the reasons why (as I've mentioned before) I'm the go-to-guy for people to tell their problems to in the office. The other spin-off of this is that I can sit at my desk, "work" (aka cruise the 'net) AND have water cooler conversations all at the same time.

Inevitably at some point the conversation turns to talk of tv. What were my picks for last night? "The Biggest Loser" and "Dancing With The Stars". What am I beside myself with excitement about? "The Amazing Race" starts tomorrow night and the impending "Oscars".

I always thought this was a metaphor, but I could actually see their eyes glaze over.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

It's real! Oh, that made me laugh.

So wait, are you getting the same RACE as we have starting tonight?

Not sure why, but I'm feeling especially close to you right now, my southern hemisphere internet boyfriend. Hugs.

The Other Andrew said...

One and the same. They do the "hot off the satellite" stizz now. Previously we were a few weeks behind and you chatty cathy internet 'mos (or which I'm proud to be a part) were forever spoilering me! :-) We didn't get the family edition though, thnkfully by the sound of it. The advertising for this new edition of TAR has been quite funny, they keep showing the really camp "best friends" with a graphic underneath that asks "Possibly Gay?". I heart the Aussie sense of irony and piss-take, I really do.

PS. I feel so much closer to you now too. ::Moves in for the hug:: Hey, can I touch it?

Miss Eudoxia said...

The advert for the great race was on as I ate my brekky today and for some strange reason i thought "hmmmm....wonder if the boys will be watching this?"
I guess you answered my question :-)

Can you help us oh smart one? We are trying to remember the word that describes the state of mind when everything goes in slow motion when you are in an emergency situation, or high speedd things?

The Other Andrew said...

Miss E, The Amazing Race is one of my worst tv addictions. I love it!

Oh, I'm not sure what the word for that feeling is. Having been in 2 major car accidents I do know the sensation though! It's weird. The adrenaline floods the brain and all of a sudden it's like slo-mo hyper reality.

Michael said...

Hey, can I touch it?

Sure, since it's touching you, it's only fair.

Our ads feature the same couple, sans ads. So GAYS, check! Phil with a good haircut and in suede, check! Add at least one team of HAWTT friends/brothers and we are so laid for this season.

Michael said...

I meant to say 'sans caption'. Grrr.

The Other Andrew said...

They have a TAR checklist, right?

Gays? check
Dysfunctional married couple? check
Oldies? check
Hawt guys? check
Pair of 'Barbies'? check
Annoying Christians? check....

The two 'mos are afraid of heights and afraid to fly?! Oh my gah! Fun times and meltdowns ahead.

Mikey (The Lovely Ex) said...

The hawwt guys were definitely so. I have a (brace for impact) love/hate relationship for that show. Last night for me was all about Grant Denyer on Dancing With The Stars (for you OS types, think short, cute, up for it weather guy turned TV everyman). He is such a cutie AND he has a mean quickstep as well.

The Other Andrew said...

You do love those 'pocket rockets' don't you Mikey-san? "Dancing With The Stars" is quite good this season so far. 4th season already?... and still rating its ass off.

TAR is a love/love relationship for me. Did you know they released the first season on DVD a while back. Guess I want for my birthday?