Monday, March 20, 2006

A Bijou Weekend Recapette

More yays! than boos! to report on this past weekend's report card:
  • Finalising the stocktake of the bookshop at the Buddhist centre, and finding out from the accountant that we had the best result ever. Yay!
  • Watching endless hours of Season 2 "Arrested Development" on DVD. Yay!
  • New haircut and blonde streaks. Yay!
  • Seeing these gorgeous flowers on Saturday morning and taking a picture. Yay! Then having a homeless man with a pocketknife and lots of agression come along, hack some of the plants to bits and start throwing them at me, screaming all the while. Boo!
  • Drinks, dinner and coffee with fellow blogger Morgan, who is just as smart, warm and funny as I thought he would be. Yay!
  • The ongoing saga of Michael's problems with Blogger, and consequently my favourite blog Pipedreams going awol. Boo!

See? On balance, more yays! than boos!, which really is the best I could ask for.

[Update: Pipedreams seems to be back, cross everything that it stays that way!]


Michael said...

Honestly, you treat me better than anyone I've never blown, Andrew. Favorite? So sweet.

It looks like Blogger is recovered. For now.

I've been sneaking in episodes of Season 1 AD amidst the Season 2 of QAF and also catching the first two episodes of the new Doctor Who (which I'm loving so far, btw). When that jukebox at the end of the world cued up Soft Cell, I was hooked. Then the earth starts tearing apart to Britney's Toxic? Fuggedaboutit.

The Other Andrew said...

"Honestly, you treat me better than anyone I've never blown, Andrew."

I'd like to fix that, one day.

Glad you're liking Dr Who. Just wait until Cap'n Jack arrives, it gets funner and sexier. God I love 'Tainted Love' by Soft Cell, in fact it played on the video juke box when I was at the pub last night. I love you, though you hurt me so. Word.

Arrested Development is cracking me up. I think I have a crush on Buster, is that wrong?

Michael said...

Well, then I don't wanna be right. Buster is repulsive and fantastic! That actor is a genius, I think. They are all so good on that show, aren't they? Credit to the kid who is George Michael for taking ONE JOKE so far and so well all that time.

I'd be singing 'Tainted Love' right now were it not being blotted out by 'Chiquitita'.

Michael said...

"Honestly, you treat me better than anyone I've never blown, Andrew."

I'd like to fix that, one day.

This doesn't mean you're gonna start treating me poorly, does it?

The Other Andrew said...

"This doesn't mean you're gonna start treating me poorly, does it?"

Not if you do your job right, no.

(How could I treat you badly? How can you even think such a thing?...)

The whole ensemble on Arrested Development is excellent, but yes I agree that the kid who plays George Michael is brillaint. He does overwhelmed like nobody else. Buster is pure genius. Wait until you see season 2, Buster has some great moments. I like GOB too, even though he's a bastard so much of the time, but somehow stays vulnerable and lovable.

morgan said...

Jeez, how do I follow those comments? ;)

It was great to meet you last night, A.

Michael said...

Oh, I know. I've been watching AD as it's broadcast, but picked up the DVDs, too.

I just saw the preview for Julia Louis-Dreyfus' new sitcom where she likens getting a Brazilian wax to getting a hair arrow pointing to her C-section scar. Ha! Anyone catch that show?

The Other Andrew said...

Morgan, Michael and I like to get a bit down and dirty sometimes. It's what we do, but we're both all talk. :-) OR ARE WE?

It was great to meet you last night too!

Michael, we're not getting the Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcome here, but I love her cameos on AD. Very funny. She makes a reappearance in season 2.

Bodhi said...

I heart the song Tainted Love by soft cell.

But j'adore the video clip even more. That hot little model type cutie lying in his bed, then parading around briefly in those tighty whitey briefs, and eventually heading out in those tight blue jeans, white t-shirt and leather jacket.


Once I ran to you (I ran)
Now I'll run from you
This tainted love you've given
I give you all a boy could give you
Take my tears and that's not nearly all
Oh...tainted love
Tainted love

quintessential 60's girl said...

Honest to God even i need a cold shower are simply

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

quintessential 60's girl - hang around long enough, you get used to it... ;)

do y'all remember a Not the Nine O'Clock sketch with Pamela Stevenson as the interveiwer and Rowan Atkinson as Marc Almond? all his answers were on a tape recorder shoved under the seat and of course it goes bung...

I always see Rowan Atkinson with a terrible New Wave haircut and a black bodysuit when I think of Marc Almond. it's not so far from the mark, really ;)