Wednesday, October 01, 2008

5 Things About Wednesday 1st October: Giving The Appearance Of Being Obsessed With Food Edition

  • We had a big dinner out with the work team last night, to celebrate the company being bought buy a big corporation. The view was gorgeous, the restaurant service less 'prompt' and more 'too fast', and the food nice... but overpriced. A nice night though, but I'm glad I wasn't paying for it.
  • Oven baked salmon fillet and steamed veggies for dinner tonight. I've overindulged do much this past week the only thing I could obsess about on the way home was some 'clean' food. Things steamed, without sauces, and a high vegetable quotient, you know?
  • OMG, I bought one of these organic spice mix grinders at the supermarket (the big gay supermarket that is). After giving the salmon a quick rub of extra virgin olive oil, a generous grind of the spice mix, and some roasting in the oven... with a generous squeeze of lemon over to serve, it was better than anything I've had in a restaurant for ages. I'm loving myself right now.
  • My doc has set me a weight loss goal over the next 5 months. I'm not very overweight, but he wants me to get my weight down to see if it improves my sleep apnoea. Expect more steamed veggies until then...
  • I read somewhere that good (not too sweet) dark chocolate is good for you though, right? I mean blah blah anti-oxidants blah blah or something. Oxidants bad! Chocolate good!


Mindy said...

70% cocoa or greater, and only a couple of squares a day I think it is. Still if you like dark chocolate it shouldn't be a problem.

Dining out sucks when you realise, midway through the meal, that you can make it better and cheaper at home.

The Other Andrew said...

75% Lindt is my boo. Dark and bitter, like my moods. :)

At least I didn't have to pay for the meal the other night!