Friday, October 17, 2008

TGIF: The Most Recent In A Long Line Of TGIFs

Over the life of this blog I've written a bunch of TGIF entries. Dozens, maybe! Let's face it, if this blog is about four and a half years old (ish) then that's well over 200+ Fridays, and almost every Friday my first though on waking is Thank God. (Or, whomever. Thank The Universe It's Friday! doesn't roll really.)

Anyhoo, Fridays are for rambling too. And wearing jeans to work, except I do that every day. Slacking. Oops, sort of do degrees of that every day too. Um, well, Fridays are for an attitudinal shift, there's a bigger degree of seriousness to the slacking. A committment to it.

It's been a weird week. I have been so incredibly busy, everyone at work has been, but thankfully we haven't been as stressed as in previous weeks. It was a big bills and short pay week for me, thanks to last week's public holiday Monday, so poverty is my mode du jour. (Ex-finacial markets employees looking for budget living tips, email me, I can write reams on How To Survive On $20 a Day.)

Consequently it's been a quiet week socially, and is likely to be this weekend too. That's ok, staying home and doing housework (ie: procrastinating, reading the internet in my underwear, and possibly doing some self-pleasuring) is free! Actually I have do have a couple of budget friendly catch-ups and events with friends planned for the weekend, so it won't be all 'doing housework.

[Updated: It's 5:20 pm. The day is done, I'm home and it's still light out, bright and sunny in fact, and I've got Robyn cranked on iTunes. Turns out the day isn't so bad after all.]

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