Monday, September 29, 2008

My Big Gay Supermarket Can Out-Gay Yours

I popped into my local supermarket a short while ago to grab a few essentials (not chocolate). If I didn't already know that I was living in a high homo quotient neighbourhood (praise be), I think the soundtrack to my shopping would have given me a few clues. I kid you not, 100% truthiness!

While I was choosing carrots Melissa Manchester was giving me the inside scoop that I should hear how she talks about me. (Well the only thing worse is not being talked about, right?)

(Oh and if you don't think this is a 'gay' song, then you're probably just 20 years too young.)

Somewhere around frozen foods Elton was blowing, or something. (I mean, nice song and all but I'm sort of over Elton since he started upping the crazy. When he turns, he turns. He scares me.)

Do you know hard it is to pay for you groceries when Miss Cher ends up being the soundtrack to your check-out experience? Dancing and entering one's PIN are not compatible.

I was kind of sad to leave, because I'm sure Frankie Goes To Hollywood could have been next...


Bodhi said...

LOL. I know exactly what you mean Andrew ... I-Baby (yeah, she bought a I-Phone) Ashley and I often joke about the selection in the local store. And as she so aptly puts it, "they certainly know how to aim for the local demographic, don't they".

If you only knew the numbers of times I have flounced through the isles, or stood waiting in line at the counter, lip-syncing along like a big old queen and doing my best to suppress fab dance moves ... and failing ;-)

Ur-spo said...

dear me
there is not a drop of 'queer' in any of the supermarkets where we shop.
who knew?

jason said...

It's part of the gay master plan...turn everyone gay and then make them pay retail.

The Other Andrew said...

Hey Bodes, why am I not surprised that Ashley has an iPhone? :) She's always been an early adopter.