Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Better Day

The verdict is in, with less than a 10 minutes of my working day to go, today has been a much better day than yesterday. That is despite having to do two of my least favourite tasks all day, ringing up people and telling them to pay their bills, and ringing up suppliers and telling them why we haven't paid ours. Fun! I go from stern to contrite in 60 seconds.

I read on a blog that I just discovered yesterday, Nosey In Newtown, that there is street party on this evening in my neighbourhood. I might swing by with camera to see what's cooking. I've always admired the mural in question, so I don't mind supporting the cause to get its visibility improved. Plus the sun is shining and the afternoons are Daylight Savings long, so it sounds like a nice way to spend an early evening.


Tom said...

Get your debtors to ring your suppliers directly - cut out the middleman! :)

Glad you've had a good day!

The Other Andrew said...

Cunning plan Tom!