Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick Question

Where the frig is everyone? Is the internet no longer 'it'?



Martin Magdalene said...

Maybe reality is the new reality. I'm sure it won't last.

The Other Andrew said...

That's crazy talk! :) Don't people know that reality is best when processed through an edit suite?

It's kind of weird, it seems like many of my favourite blogs have been quiet this week.

Bodhi said...

Tis rather quite, huh Andrew? But I am sure that all the important people are still here, and the will resume normal scheduling as soon as possible :-)

John C said...

I've been AFK a bit recently taking advantage of a brief work hiatus to tidy my flat. It's actually not an embarrassment now when people call round!

If it's any consolation I read everything you post in my RSS reader.

The Other Andrew said...

Hey John, cleaning good! I was thinking of the fact that lots of my favourite blogs have been a bit quiet of late too. Comments here have been a bit quiet, but quite a few bloggers haven't posted much in the past week or so either.