Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Night Owl

Ah, I'm so tired. I used to be an early to bed, early to rise kind of guy. Despite the lack of health, wealth and wiseness this has pretty much been the pattern of my entire life. Lately though I've become a bit of a night owl, and the screwed up part of the equation is that I'm still an early riser. Even on weekends I'll usually be up by 7am.

I blame the internet. (Actually I also blame the internet for my house being a mess, and the fact that I haven't unloaded the dishwasher for a few days.) Insidious, addicitive internet! Since changing to a faster internet connection and having a laptop that I can sit on the couch with, instead of spending maybe an hour or so on the net each night, I'm plonking myself on the couch when I get home and pretty much forcing myself to stop reading blogs and watching youtube clips around midnight.

Midnight! Given that I'm up at 6.30 for work it really isn't enough sleep for me. I've wondered if it's in part because I'm getting better quality sleep these days, since I received a diagnosis about my insomnia and went on medication. Most days I'm fine when I wake up, but if I keep this up for 3 or 4 days in a row I start to feel the effect. I think I really need to have a minimum of 7 hours or more on a regular basis. (I'm curious, how much sleep does everyone else get regularly?)

Tonight the entire office is being treated to dinner to celebrate the purchase of the company by a big corporation. So I have no alternative but to disconnect myself from spending the night on the net, in fact, when I get home I might even unload the dishwasher... and have an early night.

At least, that's the plan...


Cecilia said...

During the semester I get about 6 hours a night--definitely not enough! But I have a hard time getting to bed early. There is something so nice about being up really really late at night. I have heard the same thing about being up really really early but I don't believe those people! :)

thombeau said...

You are entirely right in blaming the internet.

I also recommend gaytube.com, if you haven't been there already!

NannaPeter said...

Sadly, my drugs make me tired, so I do the 7-8 hr thing almost every day now. sigh.

I like a decent lie-in tho, so this past long weekend it was 8-9 before I arose for the day

Lara said...

I NEED my 8 hours. I know the kid will want my attention at 7am (if not before), so if I don't get to bed by 11pm, it's going to be ugly the next day.

Trouble is, I only get a few hours of guaranteed kid free time each day, after he goes to bed, so it's tempting to stay up and surf, or lately, paint.

And last night I slept for nearly 12 hours, but I was sick.

Mmmmm..... Bed.

Victor said...

I'm similar to you; midnight to 6.30am. I would mind a bit more though.

nadine said...

Yes, there are lots of people addicted to internet and this is so sad. When I come back at home I also stay in front of the computer. I can say that this is bad for our health as well and you are right to blame the internet.