Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cancels Noise, But Does It Cancel Homophobia?

Here's an ad for a noise cancelling bluetooth earpiece device, that was banned in the US.

Now, fair warning if you're watching this at work, the ad involves a bit of hot guy-on-guy action.

Apparently only the two actors involved and the camera crew knew how the story would pan out, and the rugby team extras are a real rugby team. Check out the reactions on the guys faces. (Oh and one of the guys, the one with the tatts, I recognised as a reasonably famous gay porn star.) I don't think it's a particularly good ad, and the Surprise Gay! thing is somewhat amusing on one level, but a bit... well, homophobic.

Maybe I'm being humourless about this, what do you think?


Tom said...

Hmm, now what were you googling to find that then! :)

Crap. Further proof that techie geekieness trumps gayness in my genes. I spent the last half of that ad not paying much attention to the men but more on the headset, wondering whether it's actually for real or not. I just can't see it being as clear as that - I can see how they cancel the surrounding sound, but how do they pick out the voice and not the background noise so the other person can hear. Oh well. :P

The Other Andrew said...

Ha! Well it wasn't what you'd expect, let's just say the chain started with clips from Eastenders...

It's no iPhone though right. Actually, a homo action ad could work for the iPhone... although it'd be a bit like preaching to the converted.

Ur-spo said...

i am not sure what this means but i will buy two please.

Acyd said...

i totally don't even get it, but the guy make-out session is lovely.