Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doona Day

Frankly, I'd really rather be home and under the doona*. It's cold and rainy here today, half the office is either sick, away on business trips, or just not here due to lack of interest. I have a mountain of work to do and I'm not actively doing much of it. The blogsphere seems pretty quiet today, and despite that I'm tempted to fill the rest of my day cruising the internet. You know, that kind of day.

* Duvet, continental quilt or comforter, which by another name would be as sweet.


Cecilia said...

I know! What's up with this weather!! I had to pull out the wool cardigan again this morning. Come back spring! Please.

NannaPeter said...

Can I come & join you?? It's the 4th hot day in Perth & Grumpy is over it. The usual air con war has started at work - supposedly 28 & 29C is considered cool by some!!!
So is the dog over the heat: "No more hots, please Petey," she asys.

The Other Andrew said...

Cecilia, someone forgot to tell Global Warming. No fair.

Nanna, come on over! And bring Rosie.

Ur-spo said...

i long to have a cold gray day and stay home under covers and do little if anything]
alas it is always warm and sunny here and I don[t get sick.