Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's The Futuuuuuuuure!

I remember when I was a kid that the year 2000 was like shorthand for the future! Jetpacks. Aerial cars. Teleportation. Moon bases and trips to Mars. Many things are really, really different. Communication and media are very different than I imagined as a kid, when I was growing up without mobile phones, the internet, iPods, even VCRs/DVDs when I was quite young.

Clothes have changed, but they haven't changed so much really. Trends come and go, what's considered good taste or socially acceptable changes, and maybe some of the technical aspects are really different (high tech or sustainable fabrics, for example).

1930s Futuristic Fashion Predictions

Somehow I can't believe how we failed to miss the opportunity to dress in utilitarian jumpsuits with gadget belts though. Or togas. How are you supposed to know it's the future if there aren't shorty short togas? Or bubble helmets?

1960s Futurist Fashion from Courreges, Cardin, Paco Rabanne etc

They tried to show us the way in the 60s. To put us on the path to silver jumpsuits, to aluminium chainmail and goggles as daywear, but somehow we never kept the momentum going. Sad really, 'cause I could use a gadget belt every now and then.

We probably should have listened to Sylvia Anderson...

Sylvia Anderson interviewed on UK tv show "Tomorrow Today", 1970.


Volacious said...

I reckon.
Where's my flying car?

They lied to me!

Victor said...

The 1930s clip predicted the mobile phone. Well done.