Friday, October 31, 2008

The "Scrooge" of Halloween

I had the most fabulous night catching up with my friend Judy tonight. We hadn't seen each other in a while, and had lots to catch up on. When I was rushing home to get ready to meet Judy I passed this sign on a neighbour's front gate, and had to go back and do a double and triple take. WTF?

Is There A "Scrooge" of Halloween?

[Clickety click to embiggen it and read the patronising fine print.]

Just as I raced into the house to grab my camera and record this piece of cray-zay Judy arrived and I had to show it to her too. I'm glad I had an objective witness to confirm I wasn't imagining it.

Someone call the Fun Police! There are urchins on the streets!


Mel said...

If I were to see that here in the US, I'd immediately think "whacked out Christianists".

The Other Andrew said...

I still thought that Mel, even though they're not as common here. Judy and I kept using the phrase "your unfortunate practice" most of the evening. Asshats.

M-H said...

Actually, I agree with the sentiments (if not the language!). In my little street, the parents check with everyone if it's OK to send the kids round, and they avoid places that aren't prepared. But here at Sandra's we're on a main road and they were ringing doorbell until quite late. We ignored the ringing - we didn't have any lollies for them anyway.

There's no tradition of this in Aus, and unless you are in a small safe neighbourhood I think it's really silly.

Scrooge? Moi?

jason said...

Oh my god. They're just begging for a good Toilet Papering, aren't they?

Ur-spo said...

just the sort of people whose windows you would soap.

Anonymous said...

I got rid of wrapped, unwanted confectionery, so I was happy we had trick or treaters. Next, I was going to be handing out 'Chocolate flavoured energy bars'.

Though, I can't say I think it's a great idea to allow one's children out begging, they weren't children that live on this street.


Victor said...

I'm on m-h's side. This trick or treat thing has been unknown in Australia for most of my nearly 60 years except as something we saw in American movies and later television shows.

I wouldn't know what to do. I understand that lollies are the treat but what is the trick? Who decides which it is and how?