Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gut Reaction

Well, after briefly mentioning KFC yesterday a certain wise sage said "...KFC? Have some respect for yourself." Yes, ho ho, well. So, with the sheepishness of someone who knows they deserve an I told you so I have to admit, I've been sick ever since. Yup. You don't need the details, but it began with an emergency exit from a mode of public transport and ended with me lying within a short dash of the bathroom for most of today. (With laptop and knitting of course.)

Michael, sweetpea, from this point forward every piece of advice you give I will follow to the letter.

I haven't eaten much all day, but I did just wander around to the local corner shop to buy a loaf of bread. My local deli is run by a young Vietnamese family, who have a couple of kids, and for the first time ever neither of the parents were behind the counter. Instead this gorgeous little face was peering over the counter. Yup their son who must be all of about 7 greeted me and with all the seriousness of a kid being very grown up, scanned my order, repeated back to me what I was buying, told me how much it was and then carefully checked the money I handed over. If I hadn't been plotzing so badly from all the cuteness I would have realised that I probably just got the best customer service I've had in ages.


NannaPeter said...

Think of the KFC experience as part of yr weight loss programme.

Thanks for the yummy ad - looks just as great wihout sound (my office is a deaf person's paradise).

Tom said...

KFC isn't nutritionally brilliant... but it shouldn't have that effect on you. Are you sure you didn't order a Coogee Bay Special on the side?

Michael said...

Well, I've been around here long enough to know that you mostly treat yourself I daydream you'll cook for me from your market finds (and service me in sundry other ways), so you realize when I'm stern with you, it's from a place of love.

Also, SCRUB, Christina, SCRUB!

Hope you're feeling better, liebchen.

jason said...

Too adorable!
Oh, and the story about the little boy was cute too.

The Other Andrew said...

KFC as weight loss programme - concept!

Tom, chocolate gelato is strictly off the menu.

Michael, on the mend thanks pet.

Jason, luckily I saved you a sample!

Mel said...

I knew there was a reason I hadn't eaten KFC in ages. Well, that and the fact that their menu is rather heavy on meat and meat by-products - doesn't leave me with many options.

Kids give good customer service because they're too young to have stopped caring.

Victor said...

I don't doubt for a moment that this kid was adorable and his family are really decent and hard working but at the risk of being a scrooge for the second post in a row (also the post about halloween) I suppose the seven year old kids making Nikes and the like are cute too.