Sunday, October 26, 2008

Precious Purple

Some colours are like magnets. They draw your eye to them, red is one of those colours for example. Purple is a magnetic colour for me and it always draws my eye in.

Precious Purple

I'm especially drawn to dark, rich purples. One of my favourite shirts is a purple so dark it's almost black. I can appreciate the beauty of lavender and pale purples though. I especially love the combination of sage-y grey greens, leaf greens and lavender in the picture above. The little tiny touch of yellow in the flower centre that gives a punch.

Precious Purple

I manipulated this pic to up the contrast and give it some drama, but I didn't really alter the colour much. I tend not to play around with my pics that much generally, because I like to capture what I see as naturally as posible, but I like the end result of this one. The high contrast gives a sort of solarised effect that I kind of dig. We all need a bit of drama now and then.

I suspect that if I went through all my photos I would find and a very high percentage of purple flowers and objects. Magnets are there to attract, after all.


spyder said...

Just to let you know: finding out what you did over the weekend brightens my Monday morning.
Thanks for blogging, buddy.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Spyd, that means a lot! Oh, and you have perfect timing. Just this morning I was thinking of packing it in for a while. :) Thanks for the encouragement.