Monday, September 01, 2008

Warwick Goble

I just recently discovered the works of Warwick Goble. I feel well and truly out of the loop, because there are whole generations of children before me that grew up with his depictions of fairies, Indian and Japanese myths, mythical creatures, undersea kingdoms and medieval tales of adventure.

Born in the 1860s, Goble had the skills and style to tap into the early 20th century taste for colour plate books. I'm a bit of a fan of a number of artists from this period, with their romantic style influenced heavily by the newly accessible Orient. I love the Japanese influence in lots of his works, the sinuous lines, and especially the jewel like colours.

Goble had a prolific career and his works which were originally done for children's books have had a continuing life as art posters. There are a number of comprehsive websites that showcase his works.

Just Googling "Warwick Goble" turns up a bunch of sites selling poster editions of his watercolours. I'm glad that his work is having a life still, and maybe other children are having their imaginations fired up by the thought a fairy setting sail in a nautilus ship on a twilight sea.

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Emerald Arts said...

Oh wow, thankyou so much for posting this, absolutely gorgeous.

(am working on my own children's book, so I love seeing pretty things ;)