Friday, September 05, 2008

44 Years Ago

As I mentioned briefly in my previous post, my oldest sister has been working away at our family genealogy. She sent me a link to the genealogy site she has been using to gather the data together, and in just a few minutes of looking through it I've discovered a treasure trove of family information and photos that I didn't know existed.

For instance, this photo:

Yup, that's me and Mum. Sometime in late 1964, or early 1965. Probably 1965, given that I look older than a few months old. Later that year we three kids and Mum & Dad would board a small plane, having paid our 10 pounds contribution towards the Assisted Passage scheme and eventually (after some legendary hijinks, and ongoing plane repairs) arrive in Australia. Best decision they could have made I think.

A couple of things stand out in my family pics a) my parents were kind of glamorous when they were younger, b) they look so heartachingly young when they were courting! and c) all the women in my family look well dressed in the photos I've seen, courtesy of my Grandma who was a dressmaker. Wow!


Kyle Kunnecke said...

family history is a dangerous thing to get involved in... (I'm doing the same thing) ...

I'm learning all kinds of neat things (and also learning that some people don't want their stories told!) -- so, I try my best to respect their wishes as I gather information.

Thanks for sharing the pic - I find many of the same things in my family photos... people seemed to dress better "back then!" :)

Cozalcoatl said...

Wonderful photo.
I think it was a damn good choice too...

John C said...

Awww. I recall my parents talking about emigrating when I was about 6 or 7 (one of my friends at school did) but I can't imagine them ever taking the step, none of my family is that adventurous.

And yes, family history is a curious business. My mother was adopted and a few years ago one of my sisters turned up nearly the whole of the missing side of the family tree. Surprises all round. In addition, I have an older half-brother I've never met, also adopted after my mother became pregnant a couple of years before she married. Strange to think that we know about him (but not his name) yet he probably doesn't know about us.